Choosing the Right Type of Dog Collar

If you are looking for the right collar and leash for your dog or puppy, you will probably be overwhelmed by the wide range of collars one is offering.  There are many different choices you have to make when deciding on a collar for your dog: the type, the size, the material etcetera. In addition, some collars have flashy collars, fancy designs or can be personalized in a cute way but choosing the best for your dog isn’t about style…

An appropriate collar is crucial for your dog’s health, as well as yours, especially if you have a large, strong dog. Imagine your dog sees a cat, starts running and pulls on the leash… This can seriously injure your dog’s neck and … your shoulder.

Not every collar is suitable for every dog but how do you make the right choice then?

How do you determine which collar is the most appropriate for you and your dog?

Which type of collar you need, depends on your dog.

In this article, we list up a number of tips you can take into account when choosing the right collar.


A flat collar


The most common and most traditional collar is the flat collar. You can find flat collars at almost every pet store. They are made of leather or nylon. The most important advantage of this collar is that it is totally adjustable which means it can grow with your dog. As these collars are a little bit wider, they do not move constantly around the neck of your dog what’s also a plus. When fitting, make sure that the collar is positioned relatively high around the neck of your dog and that you can put 2 fingers in between the collar and your dog’s neck.

If you have a small puppy then it is better to take off the collar of your pup if he walks around the house or garden unsupervised or when he is alone at home. A collar can always be a risk for a very curious and all-discovering pup.

If your dog spends a lot of time outside, you can also try a breakaway collar.