Understanding The Causes of Incessant Dog Barking And How to Stop It.

Dogs bark for a variety of reasons, from showing excitement to warning barks to expressing pain. Unless there is some physical, medical reason dogs are unable to bark, every single dog will bark for some reason during their lifetime.

From communicating with other dogs to alerting their human counterparts, it is expected that from time to time, dogs bark. However, incessant dog barking can be extremely upsetting, to dog owners, to the neighbours, and even to the dog himself. Dogs don’t typically bark without a reason, and incessant barking is usually stopped by addressing the root of the barking itself. If your dog’s never-ending barking is driving you up a wall, read on!

Why Do Dogs Bark?

Some scientists believe that dogs learned to communicate with humans through thousands of years of domestication. This means dogs may have learned to communicate with humans, from humans!

A dog’s bark varies depending on what he’s barking about – from high pitched, short barks when you take out his leash to go on a walk, to long, low howls when he hears a knock on the door.
What might your dog’s barking be trying to tell you?

Excitement – Might sound like: High-pitched, quick barks.You’ve just come home! I’m so excited to see you!” Your dog hasn’t seen you all day, and he could be barking because he’s excited to see you.

Warning or Alerting – Might sound like low, loud, long barks or howls. “There’s an intruder! The postman has returned and I will scare him off!” Many dogs bark when strangers approach, or even pass by, their home. Instances like daily mail delivery can actually make your dog think that he is being a good boy by barking at the postman, because each day, the postman leaves while the dog is barking