15 Marvelous Animals With the Best Memory (With Pics)

Many animals have an amazing memory. Scientists have found that different species of animals remember things in different ways, but there are some animals that stand out above the rest when it comes to their ability to remember things.

From elephants who never forget a face, to crows that can remember where they cached food months later, these fifteen creatures have truly outstanding memories! Here are 15 such animals with the best memory!

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15 Marvelous Animals With the Best Memory in the World

Here are fifteen animals with the best memory. Who knows, maybe one of these creatures could give you a few tips on how to improve your own memory!

1. Dolphin

Dolphins have an incredible memory. They can remember things for up to twenty years! Researchers believe that this is because dolphins have a very large brain-to-body size ratio. This means that they have a larger neocortex (the part of the brain responsible for cognition and memory) in comparison to their body size.

It is also thought that dolphins have a good memory due to their social nature. In the wild, dolphins live in groups called pods. These pods can be made up of anywhere from two to several hundred dolphins. In order for a dolphin to survive in such a large group, it is important for them to be able to remember individual members of their pod, as well as their roles within the group.

2. Elephants

Elephants are known for their good memory. They can remember where they buried their food, the location of water holes and other elephants’ markings for years. This is a valuable skill since elephants must travel long distances in search of food and water.

Scientists believe that elephant brains have evolved to be so large because they need to store a lot of information. The more complex the social life of an elephant herd, the more information they need to remember in order to survive.

Elephants have been known to help humans in times of need. This means that elephants are not only intelligent, but also compassionate creatures. They are capable of forming deep emotional bonds with other elephants and humans. Elephants are truly amazing animals.

3. Common Raven

Ravens are known for their excellent memory. They can remember where they have hidden food, and they can also remember the faces of people who have hurt them. Ravens are also very intelligent birds, and they can solve complex problems.

Furthermore, they are excellent mimics, and can imitate the calls of other birds, animals, and even humans. They are very social creatures, and they often form large flocks.

4. Chimpanzee

Scientists have long known that chimpanzees are very intelligent animals. Their good memory plays an important role in their daily life.

Chimpanzees use tools to get food, and they are able to remember where they put those tools, as well as the other objects in their environment. This memory helps them find food again at a later time. This ability helps chimpanzees learn new things quickly, and it may also help them remember the details of their social relationships.

This can help us learn more about how human memory works. It may also lead to new ways to help people with memory problems.

5. Sea Lion

The sea lion (Eumetopias jubatus) is a large marine mammal of the eared seal (Otariidae) family. These animals are found along the coastlines of the northern and southern hemispheres, with most subspecies residing in the Southern Hemisphere.

Sea lions are known for their good memory. They can remember where they hid their food, and can even remember specific humans who have been kind to them. Researchers have found that sea lions are able to do this because they have a well-developed hippocampus, which is the part of the brain responsible for memory formation.

6. Cats

It is said that cats have a good memory. This may be true, as they seem to remember where all of their favorite spots are in the house and how to get to them. They also remember which doors are off-limits and when they’re not supposed to be on the kitchen counter.

When it comes to people, cats recognize

When it comes to people, cats recognize their favorite humans and usually greet them with a lot of affection. They may also remember when a person has been gone for a while and be happy to see them when they return.

7. Dogs

Dogs are known to have a great memory. They can remember where they hid their toys and treats, and even which family member they’re closest to. This memory comes in handy when training dogs; because they can remember commands and instructions, they can be taught new tricks more easily than some other animals.

Dogs also have an impressive memory for smells. They can remember the scent of their favorite person, and they can even track down a lost family member by following their scent. This makes dogs invaluable as search-and-rescue animals.

Finally, dogs’ memories aren’t just limited to recent events; they can also remember things that happened in the past. This allows dogs to recognize their previous owners even after being separated for many years.

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8. Goldfish

According to popular belief, fish have a memory span of only 30 seconds. Canadian scientists, on the other hand, have demonstrated that fish can remember context and associations for up to several days, even months.

For example, if goldfish are only fed on one corner of their tank, they will rapidly remember and learn to remain on that side of the tank during feeding schedule, regardless of whether or not they are fed.

Goldfish are also good at solving problems and have been instructed to explore mazes and escape nets. They can even recall how to perform these processes weeks, if not months, later. Some data shows that goldfish can acknowledge and memorize other individuals, even after being separated for lengthy periods of time.

9. Blue Whale

The Blue whale is a marine mammal that can weigh up to 150,000 pounds and grow up to 33.5 meters long. They are the largest animals on Earth. Surprisingly, they have a good memory. They can remember where they have been and what they have done for years. 

Blue whales live in all the world’s oceans. They are gentle giants and are not known to attack humans. However, they are endangered due to hunting and pollution: we need to do more to protect them.

10. Spotted Nutcracker

Spotted nutcracker (Nucifraga caryocatactes) is a member of the family Corvidae, which also includes crows, ravens and jays. The species is found in woodlands across much of Europe and Asia. It gets its name from the fact that its belly and undertail feathers  are white with large black spots.

The spotted nutcracker is known for its great memory. It can remember where it has cached food items, and can even relocate them weeks later. It harvests over 30,000 pine nuts, buries them in up to 5,000 hideouts, and then survives the cold weather almost entirely on memory of where those caches are situated.

11. Bees

A team of French researchers led by Jean-Christophe Sandoz studied the nervous system of honeybees (Apis mellifera) in depth and concluded that calcium acts as a switch that orders short-term memory to be transformed into long-term memory in the brains of these insects. And the more calcium there is in their brains, the better their learning ability.

Randolf Menzel, a German neurobiologist, discovered in 2004 that bees learn to recognize different flower scents quickly and have five memory phases. An Australian study published earlier this year discovered that these social insects have innate basic mathematical skills that allow them to distinguish between the numbers two, three, and four.

12. Common Octopus

Octopuses are considered one of the most intelligent invertebrates. They have a good memory and can solve problems quickly.

They can also be taught to do tricks, and some scientists believe they may even be able to understand simple sentences. Octopuses are interesting creatures, and their intelligence is something that continues to baffle researchers.

One of the most interesting things about octopuses is their memory. They have been known to remember people and events for years. Studies have shown that they can even recall past experiences in order to make decisions in the present.

This means that they are not only able to remember faces, but they can also remember what has  happened to them in the past. This is a level of intelligence that is not seen in many other creatures.

13. Grey Parrot

When it comes to the intelligence of birds, there is no question that parrots reign supreme. Grey parrots in particular are known for their exceptional memory and problem-solving skills.

One study found that Grey parrots were able to recall the location of objects they had seen up to two years earlier. In another study, Grey parrots were able to use tools to get food out of a difficult-to-reach container. This shows that these birds are capable of complex thought processes and problem solving.

What makes their intelligence even more amazing is that Grey parrots are able to use this intelligence for communication purposes. They can not only remember things they have been told, but also understand and use complex grammar structures.

14. Horses

Horses are known for their intelligence and memory. They can remember things for a long time, and they are able to learn quickly. This is why they are often used in competitions, such as dressage or show jumping. They need to be able to recall the commands that their rider gives them, as well as the course they are supposed to take.

Horses understand words better than expected and have excellent memories, allowing them to recall not only their human friends after long periods of separation, but also complex problem-solving strategies for ten years or more.

15. Donkeys

Donkeys are said to have a fantastic memory, recalling places they’ve visited or other donkeys they’ve met 25 years ago. In fact, they are prey animals, meaning they have a good memory in order to remember where predators are in the area and avoid them. They also have a good long-term memory, being able to remember where they’ve been and what they’ve done for several years.

Donkeys are very social animals and enjoy interacting with their herd mates, so they remember the faces and names of all the other donkeys in their herd.

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Memory is an incredible tool, and the animals on this list are a testament to that. What can we learn from them? How can we apply their memory strategies to our own lives? We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about these animals and their amazing memories. As always, let us know what you think in the comments below!

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