15 Animals Similar to Antelope (With Pictures)


The term antelope does not denote a specific animal. It encompasses numerous browsing, even-toed ruminants (everyone that’s not sheep, cattle, and goat) belonging to the Bovidae family. The mammals are found in Africa and Eurasia, with gazelles and dik-diks some notable animals under the term antelope. Interestingly, you can find other animals similar to antelopes … Read more

15 Animals Similar to Weasels (With Pictures)


Belonging to the Mustelidae family, weasels are small yet bold and aggressive mammals that inhabit North America, Europe, Asia, South America, and some parts of North Africa. These animals have elongated bodies covered with dense, brown fur, apart from the white belly. Their heads are small and flattened, short limbs with sharp, curved claws, and … Read more

13 Animals That Look Like Meerkats (With Pictures)


Meerkats are small burrowing animals from the mongoose family inhabiting the plains of Southern Africa.  These animals have slender bodies with large eyes on their broad heads, tiny ears, pointed little faces, and thin tapering tails.  Meerkats rightly deserve a spot among the most charming animals, with their ability to stand upright on their hind … Read more

13 Animals With Whiskers (And How They Use Them)


Whiskers, or vibrissae, are not limited to your house cat. At home and in the wild, you can find a lot of animals with these coarse, thick, modified hair. Most of these animals have whiskers around the nostrils and lips, while others grow these hairs on their toes.  The Whiskers do not exist only to … Read more

13 Different Animals Similar to Fox (With Pictures)


The fox is a small to medium-sized mammal from the Canidae family, often known as the canine or dog family. Found everywhere in the world apart from Antarctica, foxes prefer forested areas, but sometimes they also explore grasslands, mountains, and deserts.  Foxes may be unique and famous, especially for being clever and cunning. But that … Read more