13 Small Grey Birds With White Belly (+Pics)


Bird-watching is considered one of the most favorite hobbies in the world. People enjoy watching many birds, including sparrows, robins, eagles, hummingbirds and many more. However, a particular kind of bird is often spotted that is small and gray with white bellies (or breasts). Neither do they have colorful feathers nor bright colors. These birds … Read more

15 Fascinating Animals With Biggest Eyes (+Pics)


The list of creatures known for their vast and often adorable eyes is practically endless. Big eyes on the face look impressive as well as serve essential functions for animals in the wild. Animals on this exclusive list with big eyes are adorable, furry, strange, and of course, unique simultaneously.  In this article, we have … Read more

13 Amazing Animals With Manes (+ Pics)


Mane is long, thick, coarse hair that grows from the neck’s crest along the top and sides of certain mammals like a horse or male lions. Usually, when we say mane, it means a lot of hair around the neck and the head. Many people think lions are the only animals with manes, but that … Read more

13 Most Vengeful Animals in the World (+Pics)


Do animals are capable of holding grudges? There is no scientific proof to establish that animals can take revenge, but several instances exist to prove that they do. According to most scientists, animals can have personality traits comparable to humans, so there is a possibility that they can hold grudges.  Tigers have been observed holding … Read more

17 Phenomenal Animals With Patterns (With Pics)


We find many animals with unique, wonderful natural patterns that make them look beautiful. The different animal patterns are because of the hair on their skin. If the animal had no hair on its skin, then there would be no patterns.  Patterns are not only to look beautiful for animals. They also serve a purpose. … Read more

15 Most Clumsy Animals in the World (+Pics)


The most clumsy animals in the world are not so because of their laziness only, contrary to popular beliefs. Most of these animals are clumsy because they’re not lucky with body shapes. There are also a few individuals whose clumsiness is partly due to their relatively low IQ. But regardless of the root of their … Read more

17 Types of Herbivorous Birds Across The World (+ Pics)


While most birds are considered omnivores, there are a few individuals whose diet is entirely plant-based.  These few herbivorous birds have plenty of options, with nectar, algae, seeds, nuts, pollen, plant fluids, and even wood at their disposal.  However, it’s important to point out that only a handful exclusively survives on plant-based foods. Some stray … Read more

13 Amazing Animals That Eat Coconuts (With Pics)


Animals that eat coconuts range from herbivores to omnivores, with humans leading the line.  But coconut fruits have a stony, hard covering that can only be cracked by humans who usually use tools. Right?  Wrong. Some animals are equally up to the task, thanks to their sharp claws and teeth for breaking open the fruit, … Read more

15 Most Agile Animals in the World (+ Pics)


Agile animals are one step ahead in their fight for survival in the brutal, cold life of the jungle. These animals not only run fast but can also decelerate and quickly and easily change directions.  The animals include predators and prey, with some swimming through the water, others running on land, and some flying through … Read more

17 Stunning Animals That Live in Water and on Land (Pics)


Animals that live in water and on land are called semi-aquatic animals. And these lucky creatures have adaptations that help them survive both habitats seamlessly. Some of these animals have gills that extract dissolved oxygen when in water. And on land, they resolve to breathe via lungs. Others (I’m looking at you, beavers) lack gills, … Read more