Can Goats Eat Bread? (And Moldy and Garlic Bread?)

You might already know that goats like to eat pretty much anything they can find. This can be a boon when you want to feed them nutritious foods without much hassle. But it can also turn out to be a problem if your goat eats something that you aren’t sure about.

So, can goats eat bread? It is perfectly okay for goats to eat most types of bread. Moreover, bread can be quite nutritious and even contributes to your goat’s daily nutritional requirements. Keep reading to know more – which types of bread goats can eat, how nutritious bread is, how much bread goats can eat, and many more.


Is Bread Good for Goats?

Yes, bread can be quite nutritious for goats.

Most types of bread are excellent sources of dietary fibers and starch. These nutrients aid important bodily processes like digestion, metabolism, maintaining an ideal weight, maintaining proper food intake levels, and more.

However, certain types of bread can have high levels of sugar. Keep reading to know which types of bread are suitable for goats, along with their unique health benefits.

Can Goats Eat Moldy Bread?

No, it is not advisable to feed goats moldy bread.

Some people believe that it is harmless to feed goats slightly moldy or old bread. However, you must know that this can be very dangerous. Keeping bread in moist and unsanitary conditions can result in the cultivation of bacteria and fungus on it.

Feeding any moldy or infected food to your goat, including moldy bread, can have devastating consequences. You might notice symptoms like vomiting, upset stomach, excessive bloating, digestive problems, change in activity levels, etc.

In fact, eating moldy food can also have severe consequences like listeriosis and even death. So, you should always ensure that the bread that you feed your goat is fresh. This means making sure to check the bread for mold before you feed it to your goat.

Can Goats Eat Garlic Bread?

Yes, goats can eat garlic bread.

Many people believe that goats are allergic to garlic. However, the truth is that garlic can be quite beneficial for goats. You can even feed raw garlic to your goat as a treat.

Garlic contains a mineral called selenium, which aids metabolism and the thyroid gland. Selenium also helps in protecting your goat from oxidative stress damage.

But this does not mean that you can regularly feed your goat garlic bread. No matter how healthy a particular food item is, you must feed it to your goat in moderation. 

Can Goats Eat White Bread?

Yes, goats can eat white bread.

Although white bread is not the healthiest choice, it can still be a healthy treat for your goat. White bread is a good source of fiber and contains almost 50% starch. Additionally, white bread is relatively bland in taste, which is preferred by goats.

White bread is beneficial when it comes to your goat’s digestion, satiety, and metabolism. It can also aid essential bodily processes like absorption of proteins, breakdown of carbohydrates, maintaining blood sugar levels, etc.

However, white bread tends to have high sugar content. Additionally, feeding too much white bread can cause ruminal acidosis because of high levels of starch.

So, make sure that you also include other healthy foods like vegetables, fodder, fruits with white bread in your goat’s feed. And if you choose to incorporate white bread into your goat’s regular diet, ensure that the brand you pick has lower sugar levels. 

Can Goats Eat Wheat Bread?

Yes, goats can eat wheat bread.

In fact, wheat bread is a healthier option for goats than white bread. White bread is produced after removing the bran and germ from wheat grains. On the other hand, wheat bread retains the entire grain.

Wheat bread is a rich source of fiber, minerals, and wheat starch. It is highly fermentable and provides many benefits to a goat’s digestive system. You can always throw in a few pieces of wheat bread into your goat’s feed to help them digest the food better.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about wheat bread being high in sugar and fats. In fact, fiber can also help your goat in maintaining an optimal weight.

Can Goats Eat Rye Bread?

Yes, goats can eat rye bread.

Rye bread is one of the healthiest options that you can feed your goat. It has a dense texture, low sugar levels, and is a great source of dietary fiber. However, overfeeding rye bread to your goat can cause trouble, so you will need to ensure moderation.

Rye bread contains 50 to 70% starch as well as 6 grams of fiber per 100 grams. As mentioned before, fiber provides various benefits including improving bowel health, lowering cholesterol levels, maintaining blood sugar levels, etc.

Additionally, starch has benefits like preventing obesity, hypertension, diarrhea, etc for goats. Rye bread also has the least amount of sugar when compared to other types of bread. However, too much rye bread can cause digestive problems for your goat. 

Can Goats Eat Cinnamon Raisin Bread?

Yes, goats can eat cinnamon raisin bread.

But you might be able to guess that cinnamon raisin bread is not the best option to feed your goat. Of course, you can throw in a few pieces as an occasional treat. Goats enjoy eating raisins as they can be chewed and digested with ease.

Additionally, some goats might even like the taste of cinnamon over other types of bread. However, cinnamon raisin bread is not exactly the healthiest. It can often contain high amounts of sugar and less fiber than other types of bread.

So, if you want a type of bread that you can regularly feed your goat, cinnamon raisin bread is not the right choice.

Can Goats Eat Sourdough Bread?

Yes, goats can eat sourdough bread.

You might not have guessed that sourdough is one of the healthier bread options to feed your goat. Additionally, you can easily make it at home and feed it to your goat regularly.

Sourdough bread has significantly less sugar than wheat bread and white bread. It also has less dietary fiber than other options (but is equivalent to that of white bread). So, you can freely feed your goat more sourdough than other types of bread.

Not only will sourdough bread keep your goat full, but it will also ensure that their sugar consumption stays low. Moreover, as it has a lesser amount of fiber, sourdough bread is less likely to cause digestive issues for your goat. 

Can Goats Eat Potato Bread?

It is not advisable to feed potato bread to goats.

The reason for this might not be what you think. Many people believe that potatoes are poisonous for goats but that is not true. Potato bread is one of the least healthy options that we have covered by now. 

Potato bread is not very rich in nutrients and also has high levels of sugar. So, if you are planning to feed potato bread to your goat, keep it reserved as an occasional snack. It is better that you include rye bread or wheat bread in your goat’s diet instead.

What About Muffins, Cakes, Bagels, Cookies, and Sweet Breads?

You shouldn’t feed your goat muffins, cakes, bagels, cookies, and other types of sweet bread. You might already have guessed the reason – these treats have extremely high levels of sugar that can be harmful to your goat.

Of course, a small piece of these foods will not cause any harm to your goat. But there is no point in feeding your goat foods that do not have any nutritional value. Sweetbread can have up to multiple cups of sugar per loaf, which is totally unsuitable for goats.

Although these bread might have fiber and starch, the amount is significantly less when compared to other types of bread. Additionally, feeding sweetbreads to your goat can contribute to problems like obesity, elevated heart rate, etc.

Moreover, chocolate-flavored sweetbreads or cookies should be avoided at all costs. Chocolate consists of a component called theobromine which is poisonous for goats. You should also avoid desserts with coffee when it comes to goats.

Store-bought desserts in particular pose a risk for goats as well. Apart from their high sugar content, muffins also have processed ingredients that are difficult for goats to digest. They might also have toppings that can be dangerous or difficult for goats to eat.

How Much Bread Can Goats Eat?

There is no definite answer to how much bread your goat can eat. It depends on your goat’s age, species, age, health, and dietary habits. Some people limit their goat’s bread intake to a few slices per day while others let goats eat loaves at once.

As you already know by now, bread can be very nutritious for goats. However, it is essential that you mimic your goat’s natural eating habits. Do not replace bread with other essential foods in their diet so that their nutrient requirements are fulfilled.

Additionally, feeding your goat too much bread can end up causing ruminal acidosis. This can have symptoms like diarrhea, change in appetite, lethargy, elevated respiratory rate, increased pulse rate, weight loss, etc. In order to maintain their natural digestive process, goats need sufficient nutrients from foods other than bread.

So, the rule of thumb that you should follow is that bread can be a healthy snack for your goat rather than their primary diet. You can easily throw in a slice or two of bread in your goat’s meal a few times per week.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, after reading this article, all your doubts about goats being able to eat bread were cleared. Not only is bread suitable for goats to eat, but it can be quite nutritious. 

So, if you are planning to add bread to your goat’s diet, this article is always there for you to refer back to. You can now feed your goat some treats without any worry!

Disclaimer: This blog should not be considered as being professional pet medical advice. The content published on this blog is for informational purposes only. Please always consult with a licensed and local veterinarian for medical advice.

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