Can Squirrels Eat Cheetos? (And Chocolate Chips?)

If you are an animal lover, feeding squirrels may sound like a lovely idea to you. With that said, many wildlife specialists do not stand in support of this idea. So what do these experts not consider healthy for a squirrel to eat? Can they eat human foods like Cheetos? 

Squirrels can eat Cheetos, but you shouldn’t feed them. They’re low in nutrition, and flavored Cheetos can even create health problems in those little critters. Read on to know more about it. 


Do Squirrels Eat Cheetos?

Yes, some squirrels do get Cheetos cravings just like humans. They are quick to steal the packet right in front of your eyes. If you are to offer Cheetos to squirrels, make sure that it is not flavored with spices and is original in taste.

Also, note that for starters, while some squirrels do eat Cheetos, you should not feed them because of several health issues. It is true to say that squirrels are not as fussy eaters as humans are. Some may follow a well-planned nutritious diet but sometime may give in to the delight of delicious human junk food.

As mentioned above, food fit for human consumption may not always be good for animals including squirrels. What is the reason behind this negation? It is because human food has little or absolutely no nutritional value at all.

Eating such food items can result in malnourishment, deformities as well as the attraction of several diseases in squirrels!

Is Cheetos Toxic to Squirrels?

To answer the question, yes, Cheetos are very toxic to squirrels. A good number of varieties of Cheetos come with added flavors and preservatives. A squirrel’s natural diet must include nuts, a swarm of insects, leaves, seeds, and fruits. 

Can Squirrels Eat Chocolate Chips?

Indeed, chocolate is a heavenly gift for both humans and animals. But, not every time must we give in to temptation, should we? Chocolate contains enough alkaloids. It is called ‘Theobromine’. Not only does it have increased toxicity but also some chemicals that vary depending on the type of chocolate.

If given in excess amounts, a lot of theobromine is bound to gather in their digestive system, causing fatal effects. As a result, it is for their own good to not give squirrels chocolate chips.

Can Squirrels Eat Banana Chips?

Who does not wish to have an assortment in their diet? It has been noticed that red and gray squirrels are filled with gratitude when offered banana chips to gorge on. From what a group of wildlife experts has to say, you can give banana chips to squirrels once in a long time.

Banana chips can be used in preference to sweet candies as they have a good amount of sugar substance. Usually, it is more than what a medium-sized banana has. Approximately 28 grams of banana chips is equal to 147 calories, like that of dried fruit.

Also, you cannot deny that eating a banana is way healthier than munching on chips. The latter has saturated fats in high ratio and nutrients in low proportion. So, if the squirrel adores bananas, try providing it with a fresh banana rather than chips.

Can Squirrels Eat Tortilla Chips?

Residing in the warmth and friendly nature of humans has seemed to have altered their taste buds as well. Not knowing its health consequences, squirrels will continue eating pet food, corn, bird seeds, and much more. After all, they are opportunistic eaters!

All these food items have a negative effect on both their physical as well as mental performances. Their brain tends to function slowly.

Giving them tortilla chips will not do them any harm in the short run but will damage their kidneys in the future. These chips have very little nutritional value and a lot of salt. Obesity is yet another cause.

Can Squirrels Eat Corn Chips?

Yes, squirrels can eat corn chips but in small portions only. Whether it is fresh or dried, it does not matter. They will typically eat the germ part of the kernel and throw away the fiber.


Do Squirrels Eat Pringles?

Some squirrels do indulge in eating plain Pringles. Yet again, it is made of potato. It comes under the category of junk and salty food items. A chip or two is okay for squirrels, but not more than that.

What Animal Eats Cheetos?

Let us get a clear review of which animal tribe eats Cheetos. In theory, Cheetos are neither toxic nor poisonous to cats. However, it is advised not to feed them Cheetos regularly because of their high content in fats and sodium. 

Generally, consulting a skilled veterinarian is always a better suggestion before feeding any Cheetos to felines.

Yes, animals like dogs love to be treated with plain Cheetos. Plain Cheetos do not contain any kind of hazardous constituents. This means that the dog will be completely fine if given a couple of Cheetos.

Only a few shares of Cheetos are considered okay for your pooch, not an entire packet of it. Cheetos do not have anything nutritious in them. More importantly, it should not fit into your dog’s regular diet plan.

Also, there are favored Cheetos packets available in the market as well that have ingredients such as garlic powder in them. It is dangerous for dogs to be given garlic, onions, or any other associates of the plant genus Allium family in abundance.

What Should You Not Feed Squirrels?

If you cannot help but like feeding these cute, furry animals; make sure you have enough knowledge of what food items you must not feed them.

It is important to properly get acquainted with this subject because unintentionally you would be feeding squirrels food that is not nourishing or is downright unsafe for their well-being.

1. Peanuts

It would come as an illuminating realization for some individuals who thought that peanuts are great food options for squirrels since the rodents are so appreciative of it. Even though squirrels devour peanuts with such grace, people have thought of them as a form of nut over the years.

Originally, peanuts were legumes and had only as much as little nutritional value. Yet, squirrels enjoy this snack very much.

2. Junk Food

Junk food comprises salty and sweetened munchies. They are quoted as ‘fillers’ for human satisfaction. These foodstuffs have zero nutritional significance. While salt is dangerous for the health of squirrels, sugar-coated snacks are equally bad for them as they cause a sugar rush. It makes them get over-excited.

Other processed food bites include pizza, hot dogs, etc. These can never become a part of their natural diet, thus squirrels must stay away from them.

3. Corn

Eating anything within the limit is okay. In this case, corn is a good substitute for junk food. However, the person feeding the squirrel must only offer a few cut pieces and never a whole one. It is because squirrels have the capacity to eat over their limit, sometimes even till death knocks on their front door.

Make sure that corn is edible for squirrels to eat as it tends to turn sour and rotten before you know it. Such corn is as good as poisonous to squirrels and can cause serious harm to their health.

4. Animal or Human Formula

It would be a grave mistake for anyone to assume that baby human formula is okay for squirrels to eat. A branded formula, be it for animal or human consumption, is incredibly bad for squirrels. These formulas contain a lot of preservatives and harmful chemical supplements.

These additives not only contribute to the death of millions of squirrels but also resonate with anxiety, seizures, and rickets in squirrels.

5. Breakfast Cereals

We agree that breakfast cereals are a means of day-starter for humans but is that the case for squirrels as well? Not really, we would say! Cereals do not enhance wholesomeness in squirrels but only bring harm in their way. It can certainly leave squirrels in bad shape.

Some squirrels enjoy tiny bits of cereals as it brings a variation in their diet. But, it is only wise to understand that it is not good for their overall health.

6. Pet Food

Squirrels are actually vegetarian. Thus, pet food is not a good option for them under any circumstances. Certain reports also suggest that pet food can cause expiry because of the high meat content found in pet food.

Can Squirrels Eat Apples?

Squirrels love the sweet and juicy taste of apples. They will be ready with a grin on their face when one offers it to them. Our furry little eaters will stuff themselves with the whole fruit, not even leaving its skin or the seeds.

What is a Squirrel’s Favorite Food?

Walnuts, almonds, pecans, and the tiny seeds of Osage orange fruits come under the list of being a squirrel’s favorite food. We also notice some squirrels feeding on fruits, tree leaves, and bark when they are unable to search for food for themselves during the cold months of the year.

Final Thoughts

In order to sum up the information provided in this article, we hope that it gives you an insight into what you should not feed squirrels. 

Hopefully, you are also aware of whether Cheetos are good for squirrels or not!

Disclaimer: This blog should not be considered as being professional pet medical advice. The content published on this blog is for informational purposes only. Please always consult with a licensed and local veterinarian for medical advice.

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