Can Squirrels Eat Cinnamons?

Squirrels are opportunistic eaters and are very lively and full of life. It is believed that they can eat whatever they are fed. However, cinnamons are not liked by these little rodents because of their strong smell. Squirrels have sensitive noses, and spices like cinnamon can be overwhelming for them. 

Squirrels tend to despise various herbs and spices because of their strong flavor and smell. Cinnamons can be used to deter rodents. Keep reading to know more! 


Do Squirrels Eat Cinnamon? 

Squirrels do not like the pungent smell and flavor of Cinnamon. These tiny rodents have a sensitive nose and sense even a slight aroma. The smell of cinnamon can be very off-putting for a squirrel. Cinnamon has a profoundly overwhelming smell that might trouble a squirrel. 

A gardener can use cinnamon to stop the rodent from making any mischief. Cinnamon can be used to deter the squirrel from scraping your garden. 

Do Cinnamon Sticks Deter Squirrels?

Cinnamon is a spice that is created from the bark of the Cinnamomum tree. It is from these inner barks that a cinnamon tree is formed. 

The strips of the inner bark of the Cinnamomum tree are dried until they roll up in the shape of a cinnamon stick or quill. These sticks are grounded and serve as powder. These sticks can even be grounded to be made into an extract. 

As far as the question is concerned whether cinnamon sticks can be used to deter squirrels or not, the answer to that is yes. The cinnamon sticks are precisely like the spice itself and have a strong aroma that can quickly drive away from the tiny rodents. 

One way to use cinnamon sticks is by placing them in the soil at various points in your garden. This will alert the squirrel to move away from that particular spot. 

How to Use Cinnamon to Deter Squirrels? 

Cinnamon and other spices are the best way to prevent a squirrel from tampering with your gardens or fields. Given below are some ways to use cinnamon to deter squirrels: 

1. Using Ground Cinnamon

The ground cinnamon has the most pungent smell, which will make the squirrel very weak and won’t be able to continue forward. The best part of ground cinnamon is that it does not cause any harm to the plants. Hence, you can plant it in your garden without any worries. 

You should simply sprinkle the ground cinnamon over the soil, which needs to be saved from the little rodent. Sprinkling ground cinnamon all over the field/garden will help you to keep the tiny mischievous creature out of your planting area. 

2. Making Cinnamon Spray

There are a couple of ways by which one can make a cinnamon spray. The first way to make the rush is by boiling the cinnamon sticks in water. 

After the water cools down, you can spray the cinnamon water over your garden field. This way, the smell of cinnamon will pervade all over the area. The rodent has a sensitive nose and will sense the cinnamon from a distance, and hence it will stay away from that region. 

Another way to save your garden is by using cinnamon essential oil. But this oil is powerful, and it needs to be diluted before it is sprinkled over the region. 

You would require only a few drops of the cinnamon oil, maximum of 10 per cup of water. 

Can Squirrels Eat Cinnamon Bread?

Yes, squirrels are known to eat every kind of bread. They can eat cinnamon pieces of bread too. However, slices of bread shouldn’t be fed to squirrels. 

Loaves of bread have more sugar content than candy, and it is not deemed to be a good diet for the little creature. Squirrels aren’t picky eaters. 

However, one can find cellulose in almost all types of bread. Cellulose is a dietary fiber that is hard for squirrels to digest. 

A squirrel is an omnivore, and it cannot survive on plant products alone. Many animals need bacteria to break down and digest cellulose. Hence, a squirrel’s diet should consist of nuts that are filled with energy and seeds that are full of nutrients. 

As far as the question is concerning whether squirrels can eat cinnamon bread or not, that is yes. But, it isn’t one of their favorite foods and isn’t good for their health either. People should avoid feeding cinnamon bread to their squirrels. 

Is Cinnamon Poisonous to Birds?

It is a widespread belief that spices are suitable for a bird’s digestive system. This also includes sound effects on a bird’s health. Spices include cinnamon too. So yes, cinnamon can be fed to birds, and they cause no harm to a bird’s health whatsoever. 

Cinnamons are very beneficial for a bird’s good health. They should be fed to the bird as a part of their daily meal. 

Birds like eagles, vultures, hawks, crows, owls, and many more do not require cinnamons to boost their health. 

Instead, birds like parrots and birds from other species love to eat cinnamon because of its sweet and spicy taste. It is suitable for their immune system. 

Since birds are small in size and their primary diet is filled with foods and fruits, hence according to their nutritional needs, you can feed them cinnamon daily. 

The best part is that the birds enjoy eating cinnamon as a snack which makes it easy for a bird owner to provide their little one with the required nutrition. 

Which Birds Like to Eat Cinnamon? 

Given below is a list of birds that like to eat cinnamon:

  • Conure

Conure is a loving and beautiful bird that likes to devour cinnamon. This bird is a part of the other species of parrots. 

People like to adopt them because of their unique looks and loving nature. Conures are known to be avid eaters. These birds eat all kinds of fruits, foods, and even cinnamons.

Since cinnamon is a spicy food item, hence it shouldn’t be served more than once or twice per week. 

  • Indian Ring-Neck

Indian Ring-Neck is another bird that belongs to one of the species of parrots. It is known to have a friendly nature and is liked for the same quality. 

The Indian Ring-Neck bird loves to eat their favorite spices and foods, including cinnamons. However, the owner should be cautious while serving cinnamon to it. 

The bird should be fed with cinnamon in a reasonable amount only because if given in a larger quantity, then it might cause harm to the bird’s health. 

Can Cinnamon Hurt Birds? 

No, cinnamon cannot hurt a bird. However, the quantity served to the bird should be taken care of. 

Cinnamon is full of nutrients and fills up a significant part of a bird’s diet. It has antibacterial properties that make it an ingredient in lessening the growth of bacteria. 

Some benefits of cinnamon: it helps in digestion, it helps to finish bacteria, cinnamon gives a fresh breath to a bird, and it is suitable for a bird’s respiratory system. 

What Else Does Cinnamon Deter?

Due to a cinnamon’s pungent smell and flavor, one can use it to drive away many animals, including a squirrel. 

You can use cinnamon or a cinnamon spray in any outdoor or indoor area, which will help you against pest infiltrations. 

Cinnamon scares away squirrels, cockroaches, various ants, fruit flies, spiders, rats, silverfish, wasps, mosquitoes, earwigs, and even many bed bugs. 

It is a fact that pests and insects do not like the smell of cinnamon, nor are they fond of its powdered texture. 

Hence, there are a lot of animals that despise cinnamon due to its pungent smell, which acts as an overwhelmingly off-putting smell for many rodents. 

What Other Smells Do Squirrels Dislike?

We now know that the only way to drive a squirrel away from our garden is by planting a solid smell over there. 

Certain aromas force a squirrel to wrinkle its nose. Squirrels are known to dislike the smell of coffee, mint, and peppermint too. A spray that consists of garlic, vinegar, onions, and peppermint oil is likely to turn off a squirrel and force it to move away from the target spot. 

Even chili flakes and pepper might contribute to this process. You could try to sprinkle these on the fields you wish to drive them away from. 

Many different scents can be off-putting for the tiny rodent. Smells of white vinegar, coffee grounds, cinnamon, dryer sheets, rosemary, capsaicin, etc. 

Final Thoughts

Squirrels shouldn’t be fed with cinnamons as they strictly despise even the smell of that spice. However, if a squirrel is scraping up your garden, you can use cinnamon. 

Cinnamon has a pungent smell which drives away the squirrel from the spot and can help you to protect your plant fields and gardens from the mischievous rodent. 

We hope that the article helped you to know more about cinnamon, its sprays, essential oils, and how one can use cinnamon to drive away a squirrel. 

Disclaimer: This blog should not be considered as being professional pet medical advice. The content published on this blog is for informational purposes only. Please always consult with a licensed and local veterinarian for medical advice.

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