Can Wolverines Climb Trees? (And How High?)

As soon as we hear the word wolverine, our mind travels back to the X-Men character played by Hugh Jackman. But, allow us to bring you back to the world of animals where the wolverine is a mammal that resembles a weasel. It can be found in the deserted areas of the Northern Hemisphere, like Asia, Europe, and North America. 

These huge mammals are known for their immense strength and ferocity and they have very strong piercing claws. But can wolverines use these claws to climb trees

In this article, we will be looking at the climbing skills of both male and female wolverines. We will also be comparing the sizes of a wolf as well as a wolverine. So, to learn more, stay hooked to the article till the very end! 


Are Wolverines Good Climbers?

Wolverines are excellent climbers and irrespective of a male or a female wolverine, both of them can climb trees easily. Wolverines usually climb trees to escape predators or to look for food. They have piercing claws that facilitate their climb

Wolverines look like a mixture of three animals to be precise, they look like bears, a skunk, and a dog. Wolverines are land animals that walk around in the forests but if the need arises, they can climb on trees to save themselves from predators or to look for food. The mammals have short legs and long bodies which helps them in climbing. 

They are fearless and strong animals and their skill to climb trees makes them even more fascinating. A wolverine has sharp claws that make its climb easy. Climbing on trees makes it easy for the animal to locate its prey and pounce upon it. However, a wolverine cannot climb very tall trees. 

How High Can Wolverines Climb?

Wolverines are excellent climbers but they cannot climb to great heights. These weasel-like mammals can only climb short trees that fall between the height of 10-15 feet. People often report that they have seen wolverines climbing up to great heights, but it is not very common

A wolverine can climb trees adequately. If the animal senses a predator coming forth to attack it then it can take the help of a tree and save itself. Moreover, wolverines can often look out for their prey from above a tree top.

Why Do Wolverines Climb Trees?

Wolverines usually climb trees to search for food or to escape from the wrath of a predator. They often climb trees to have a better look at their prey and when they find it appropriate, they pounce upon them

Wolverines climb trees to find some fruits, and food or to savor a bird’s nest. Also, they climb up trees when they sense an approaching predator to save themselves from an unannounced attack. 

Do Female Wolverines Climb Trees?

Yes, female wolverines can also climb trees. Female wolverines are also called Angelines. They have sharp and powerful claws which help them to climb up trees easily. However, a female wolverine is 30-40% smaller than a male wolverine

Both female and male wolverines are excellent climbers. These weasel-like mammals can climb deciduous trees, evergreen trees as well as coniferous trees. 

Wolverines love to climb upon pine trees, spruce trees, as well as some fur trees because they often remain on a hunt for fruits and food. Angelines can even feed on a bird’s nest and this is one of the reasons why they climb on trees. 

However, not all wolverines can climb on trees. Some of them live in desert areas or open plains where there are no trees. Hence, the mammals who reside in such areas aren’t habitual of climbing trees. 


Do Wolverines Migrate?

The home range of wolverines is very large and it can go up to an area of 400 square kilometers for the females and even further for the male wolverines, up to an area of 900 square kilometers. Wolverines migrate based on food availability. 

Wolverines migrate from place to place depending upon the availability of food resources. Food is the most influential factor that governs the movement of the weasel-like mammal. Many people say that wolverines do not migrate, instead, they hibernate. 

However, this is not true. Wolverines are well adapted to the winter season and hence they do not need to hibernate. They have strong fur which protects them from the harsh winter. 

Where Do Wolverines Live? 

These weasel-like mammals are commonly found in the deserted areas of the Northern Hemisphere like Europe, Asia as well as North America. Currently, the Wolverine populations are known to exist in the North Cascades Region of Washington. 

These strong mammals are adapted to weathers of high altitudes. They can survive in places of harsh winter because of their dense fur. These animals are often found in small portions in Oregon and the Northern Rockies of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. The wolverine is a native animal to Canada, Russia as well as Alaska. 

Are Wolverines Nocturnal?

Wolverines are partially nocturnal animals. However, they can stay alert during the day and night. These weasel-like mammals can follow this routine all year long. They sleep for only three to four hours per day. 

Nocturnal animals are those animals that stay awake and alert during the nighttime and sleep in the daytime. They are partially nocturnal animals who can stay alert and active during both day and night time but they mostly sleep in the daytime and go out to hunt during the nighttime. 

Are Wolverines Dogs or Bears? 

Due to the appearance of a wolverine, people assume that they either belong to a dog or a bear family. However, none of this is true. Wolverines belong to the weasel family, however, they resemble a mixture of a skunk, a dog, and a bear. 

A wolverine is the largest member of the weasel family. The weasel family is known to be very fearsome and is found rarely. These animals can only be found in large areas of the deserted arctic and sub-arctic regions. 

Who is Bigger: Wolf or Wolverine? 

To compare the two animals we would need a lot of information related to their size, their defense system, their offensive system, their bite power both the animals as well as their speed

1. Size

The largest wolverine can weigh up to 70lbs and it can grow up to a height of 3.5 ft in length. However, a wolf can weigh much more than a wolverine. Wolves weigh up to 150lbs and can grow up to a length of 5 ft and they can even stand 3 ft high. 

The largest wolf in the wolf family is the Mackenzie Valley Wolf. This wolf resides in Alaska as well as in some regions of Northern Canada. Hence, wolves are larger than wolverines in terms of their size. 

2. Defense System

A wolf does not have strong physical defenses. It saves itself from predators with the help of its quick speed as well as its pack mentality. A wolverine, however, has a good defense system. 

They can defend themselves with the help of their thick, dense fur. The weasel-like mammals can even defend themselves with the help of a rancid musk that they can excrete to drive their predators away. Hence, wolverines have a stronger defense system than wolves. 

3. Offensive System

When it comes to fighting, wolves are normal creatures that believe in chasing their prey and when they have exhausted it, they bite it off and eventually kill it. However, a wolverine uses a much more direct way to kill its prey. 

Wolverines take the help of both their sharp claws as well as their strong teeth to pounce upon their prey. While wolves hunt in packs, wolverines go on solo hunts. Hence, in terms of offensive systems, wolverines are more skilled than wolves. 

4. Bite Power

A wolverine has a huge bite power and when they have bitten its prey for the first time, it can tear flesh and break the animal’s bone with ease. As far as wolves are concerned, their bite power can help them to puncture important areas of their prey. Hence, in terms of bite power, wolves have an advantage over wolverines. 

5. Speed

Wolves and wolverines have a slight difference in their speeds of running. While a wolverine can run at a speed of 30mph without stopping, a wolf can run at a speed of 35mph. Hence, wolves get an advantage over wolverines in terms of speed. 

If a wolf and a wolverine were to engage in a fight, there is a greater probability of a wolverine winning the fight. Although a wolf is larger than a wolverine, they always attack in packs whereas wolverines go for solo hunts. So, a wolverine could beat a solo wolf. 

Final Thoughts

Wolverines are great climbers and they can climb up to a height of 10-15 feet. They have thick fur which helps them to adapt to the cold weather and their fur acts as an efficient defense for them. 

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