My Dog Ate a Burr: What to Do?


Dogs usually go out to take care of their body, they exercise and run about the place and they also go out to take care of their bathroom business.  But, while the dogs roam around they do not pay heed to the spiky material that lies around them. These items are burrs. Burrs are spiky … Read more

My Dog Ate Insulation: What To Do?


Although not essential, insulation can be found in any home. In the summer, it can keep the home cool. During winter, it is helpful to keep the cold out.  Now, you might wonder why a dog would eat insulation. While most dogs cannot reach insulation, if your dog is curious or mischievous, he or she … Read more

My Dog Ate a Foam Ear Plug: What to Do?

Animals can be very mischievous at times, especially dogs. They often put things in their mouths and refuse to puke them out. Things like earplugs are very soft.  Dogs often swallow things that seem to be soft to them. In case your dog has swallowed a foam ear plug then you shouldn’t fret about it. … Read more

My Dog Ate Incense Sticks: What to Do?


An incense stick is a famous aromatic material found in many houses. Incense fills the house with a pleasant scent and makes the environment aesthetic.  Incense sticks are of no harm to humans as they have a great smell and make the environment positive. But, this does not mean that incense is safe for dogs. … Read more

Can Goats See in the Dark?


There are many misconceptions about goats’ vision. Some people believe that their eye color affects their vision, some believe that goats are colorblind, while others claim that goats cannot see at night. If you have pet goats, it is very important for you to know facts from myths. Well, that’s exactly what this article is … Read more

Can Goats Eat Carrots? (And Cooked Carrots?)


Goats are not picky eaters. It might even seem like goats eat anything that they can find. This can be a boon if you have a pet goat – you can feed them all sorts of nutritious foods without any hassle. But there are certain things that are not safe for goats to eat. If … Read more

Can Goats Eat Asparagus? (And Asparagus Stems?)


Goats are notorious for trying to eat anything that they can find. You might think that there is nothing wrong with letting goats eat whichever green plant they want. But it is always smart to know what your pet goat can and cannot eat. So, if you have been wondering whether your pet goat can … Read more

Can Goats Eat Strawberries? (And Strawberry Leaves?)


If you have a pet goat, there must be instances when you wanted to give them a delicious little treat. Goats are not fussy when it comes to eating different foods but the problem arises with particular foods that are not suitable for them to eat. If you’ve ever wondered whether you can give your … Read more

Can Goats Eat Rice? (And Cooked Rice?)


Rice is a staple diet across the whole world for humans, as well as a good, nutritious source for animals. It is readily available and can easily be harvested throughout the year – which is perfect in case you have farm animals. Goats, like a lot of other herbivores, can eat rice and various varieties … Read more

Can Goats Eat Tomatoes? (And Tomato Leaves?)


Goats like to eat a large variety of things, be it fruits, leaves, plants, or sometimes even inedible things that might seem appealing to them. This can be a great thing if you have a pet goat. You can always spice up your goat’s fodder with a treat or something healthy. If you have been … Read more