Can Squirrels Eat Oats?


Squirrels are animals that are very lively and they are not very picky when it comes to food. Squirrels can eat everything they find during their daily hunts. They mostly binge eat on various nuts, seeds, and various tree buds too. It is said that both wild and captive squirrels can eat oats or cooked … Read more

Can Squirrels Chew Through Chicken Wire?


One cannot deny the fact that squirrels are the cutest creatures on this planet but they can get on your nerves sometimes. Squirrels have sharp teeth that are known to break open even the hardest nuts. Without proper precautions, a squirrel can cause a ruckus sometimes.  The chicken wire which is also known as a … Read more

Can Squirrels Eat Marshmallows? (And Is It Safe?)


Generally, squirrels love to eat nuts and fruits that are easily available in their habitat but they are not very picky eaters and can devour almost everything. You might wonder whether you can feed a marshmallow to your squirrel or not, well the answer is you can feed marshmallows to squirrels, but it is not … Read more

Can Squirrels Eat French Fries?


French fries are deep-fried foods that are high in calories and sodium content, they are considered junk food, even humans avoid eating french fries to watch their own weight and health. They may be a delicious and quick snack to eat, but they come with their downsides which far outweigh the good.  That being said, … Read more

Can Squirrels Eat Hay? (And Bite?)


Hay is amazing fodder for farm animals and provides great crude protein for horses, cows, and goats. It is easy to obtain and versatile enough to be used for many animals. For whatever reasons that you may be wondering if squirrels can eat hay, yes they do. However, this is because squirrels eat and chew … Read more

Do Mice and Rats Eat Spiders? (And Cockroaches)


Mice and rats are a nightmare for many people. These giant pests can hide in your home, eat your food, and spread infections and diseases. They can even cut through wood to get to their food. That’s why it’s important to make sure that their food is not available at your home.  In this guide, … Read more

Can Wolves Eat Chocolate? (Signs of Poisoning)


Talk of outward appearance, life expectancy, ability to bark, and most important of all, biological family! These are just a few of the many similarities dogs share with their closest cousins— wolves. But does this similarity replicate even when it comes to diet? Is everything poisonous to dogs also toxic to wolves? For instance, is … Read more