Do Horses Bleed When in Heat? (No, They Don’t)


Humans get a menstrual cycle. The closest animal equivalent you could find is called an estrous cycle. This is usually referred to an animal going into heat. Heat usually occurs after sexual maturity and due do reproductive hormones. Some animals that go through estrus are cats, dogs, rats, bison, cattle, and horses. Horses are some … Read more

Do Black Chickens Keep Hawks Away? (Yes, They do)


Believe it or not, there are some chickens who are completely black. There are 14 breeds of black chickens, which is not a lot. Interestingly enough, the Silkie and the Ayam Cemani have black skin, feathers, organs, and bones! It is described as being like it has been dipped in ink. Black chickens are rare … Read more

Do Coyotes Eat Skunks? (Answer Inside)


Coyotes are in the canine species and can be found all over North America. This includes Canada and the United States. They are mostly carnivorous or meat eaters who prey on animals like rabbits, birds, rodents, birds, and other mammals. However, since they do eat plants, they are technically partly omnivorous. They do have a … Read more

Do Hawks Migrate? [Answer Explained]


Migration is the act of animals moving from one place to the other. One animal that usually comes to mind when thinking of migration are probably birds, specifically geese. However, geese are not the only birds that can migrate. Quite a few birds can and that includes hawks. In this article, we will learn if … Read more

Do Hawks Eat Coyotes? [Not Always! Here’s Why]


Hawks are birds of prey and fearsome predators. Coyotes may be on the smaller end when compared to their wolf brethren, but they are capable and dangerous predators in their own right. These two animals have probably encountered each other during their time in the wild, which should be no surprise. Given that they are … Read more

Do Hawks Attack and Eat Geese? [Answered]


Hawks are birds of prey and pretty formidable ones at that. Chances are you have probably seen a hawk flying around in your life. They are very common birds. The same goes to geese, which you have probably not only seen but heard because of the stereotypical honking sound. Both these birds exist in the … Read more

Do Badgers Climb Trees? (Yes, They Can)


The badger is an animal that belongs to the Mustelidae family. This includes  animals like minks, otters, weasels, and ferrets to name a few. Badgers are small but formidable creatures due to how aggressive they can get. Trust us when we say that you don’t want to count badgers out just because of their size. … Read more

Do Badgers Eat Snakes? (Yes, They Do)

Badgers are omnivores that belong to the Mustelidae, which include otters, wolverines, ferrets, minks, and weasels to name a few animals that fall under this family. They are pretty impressive animals that can be on the aggressive side so if you ever come across one, you’ll want to run in the opposite direction. They have … Read more

Are Kangaroos Attracted to Headlights? [Answer Explained]

Originally, kangaroos were from South America, but after the continents split away and shifted to their current locations, their new home became Australia. Unless you live in Australia, you are unlikely to come across a kangaroo except for seeing one at a zoo or something. Still, even if you do not live in Australia or … Read more

Are Badgers Dangerous? (Do They Attack Humans?)

Badgers are animals that belong to the weasel family, which includes animals like ferrets, otters, and even wolverines. They look similar to skunks or raccoons but are not a part of that family at all. There are 11 species of badgers with the most common ones being the American and European badgers. Chances are you … Read more