Do Deer Have Eyelids? (Yes. They Do)


Deer are among the most beautiful animals in the wild. They have large eyes that are the first to see if you set your eyes on their head. Among the many questions is, do deer have eyelids?  Deer have unique characters that most people admire. Most of the characters need close attention to identify. While … Read more

Are There Wolves in Alabama?


The State of Alabama comprises varied topography ranging from rivers, lakes and fertile flat lands. The land is also rich in a range of ecosystems. Ponds, meadows, forests, prairies and woodlands are just a few to mention. And also, the land is blessed with a warm and humid temperature all year round. But with the … Read more

Can Lions Smell Blood? (And From How Far?)


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Do Sharks Have Emotions and Feelings?


Over the years, sharks have been a source of attraction for people worldwide, with many wondering about their inner lives. One question that has gathered particular attention is whether sharks are capable of experiencing emotions. However, it is difficult to determine a shark’s specific emotions at any given moment, but there is evidence to suggest … Read more

Do Tigers Hibernate or Migrate in Winter?


Tigers have been around the world for a long time. Dated fossils found in some parts of china reveal an age of 2 million years ago. Now they mostly occupy regions of the Himalayas in the Asian continent, with other species variety occupying other regions of the world. But do tigers hibernate or migrate in … Read more

Do Wolves Eat Deer? (Yes. They Do)


Wolves are among the seasonal hunting animals living in remote North American and Eurasia regions. They are social animals that spend most of their lives in packs. They are very smart in hunting as a team and take a short time to challenge big animals. But do wolves eat deer? Although wolves are great hunters, … Read more

Do Mountain Lions Eat Snakes? (Answered)


For more than ten years, Travis Perry, a biologist from Furman University, has been conducting research on mountain lions about their population, general eating habit, and food diet.  However, a lot has been said and will be said but do mountain lions eat snakes? Research is quite expensive; therefore, we’ve taken the extra mile to … Read more

Will Coyotes Attack Horses? (Answered)


An angry coyote is dangerous, but if they are in a pack, all hell can break loose. Coyotes like scavenging the forest, but it’s quite possible to find them around your neighborhood, possibly if they find food access to fill their stomachs. Although it’s easy to scare them away, will coyotes attack horses? If you’re … Read more

Can Giraffes Climb Trees? (No Way)


The Eastern African grasslands and open woodlands are home to a diversity of wild animals specially adapted to fit and survive in the habitat. Among them is the giraffe, together with other long-neck family animals. They have an incredible height reaching around 16 to 20 feet, and have hooves to help them forage the thorny … Read more

15 Fascinating Animals With Biggest Eyes (+Pics)


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