Do Beavers Hate the Sound of Running Water? (Yes. They do)


Beavers are considered ecosystem engineers by biologists because of their exceptional capacity to alter the environments in which they thrive. They accomplish this by using their enormous teeth to chew through tree trunks and by damming streams to flood wide regions and form beaver ponds.  Beavers construct dams to provide deep water that protects them … Read more

Can Squirrels Eat Cheetos? (And Chocolate Chips?)


If you are an animal lover, feeding squirrels may sound like a lovely idea to you. With that said, many wildlife specialists do not stand in support of this idea. So what do these experts not consider healthy for a squirrel to eat? Can they eat human foods like Cheetos?  Squirrels can eat Cheetos, but … Read more

Coyote vs Hyena: Who Will Win? (Answered)


Wild animals are a whole world apart from us and what we see in front of us is only a tiny portion of our fauna. With this limited knowledge, one can confuse certain species with another and this article today will help you clear out doubts about two very similar-looking animals – the hyena vs … Read more

Are Wolves Bigger Than Hyenas? (And Do They Mate?)


Wolves and Hyenas are huge dog-like creatures that roam in their respective packs to hunt down prey and steal from their enemies. Both of these animals are deadly carnivores that are known for their ferociousness. They are pack hunters who co-existed in Asia and Europe during the Ice Age.  Although they can co-exist, they are … Read more

Do Wolves Eat Badgers? (And Bigger Than Badgers?)


Badgers are short-legged animals with pointed claws and striped faces. Their common predators are wolves, coyotes, bears, and even lynxes at times. On the other hand, wolves are deadly carnivores that feed on large herbivores such as bison, moose, elk, deer, etc. Although wolves are a common predator of badgers, do they eat them or … Read more

Can Wolverines Climb Trees? (And How High?)


As soon as we hear the word wolverine, our mind travels back to the X-Men character played by Hugh Jackman. But, allow us to bring you back to the world of animals where the wolverine is a mammal that resembles a weasel. It can be found in the deserted areas of the Northern Hemisphere, like … Read more

Do Foxes Eat Badgers? (Or Afraid of Badgers?)


Even if animals hunt and eat other animals, it does not mean that they cannot fall prey to another animal. It is the way wild animals and while the reality may not be pretty for us humans to think about; it is nature. Nothing you can do to change or stop it. Two popular animals … Read more

Do Wolverines Attack and Kill Humans?


Even if you live in a city, you can still have encounters with wildlife. We do not mean small wildlife like squirrels, birds, chipmunks, etc., but larger ones like raccoons, coyotes, and bears. Living in the country/woods comes with its own problems, which include wolverines. It might surprise readers to know that wolverines are an … Read more

Do Squirrels Eat Beans? (And Jelly Beans?)


Squirrels are fast-moving animals that need to eat frequently throughout the day to keep their energy levels and body weight up. A varied diet is essential for their health. They’re mostly known for their nut consumption. They are not picky eaters, so they eat whatever they come across. Beans are one such food they eat. … Read more

Do Wolves Eat Snakes? (or Poisonous Snakes?)


We have always looked upon wolves as large canines and vicious animals. However, did you know that like humans, wolves too are socially active? Yes, most of the time, they wander about in groups (or packs). They show great devotion and attachment towards their pack members. Typically, wolves hunt down and relish the joy of … Read more