Do Eagles Eat Foxes? (Yes. They Do)

Foxes are unique animals that prefer sleeping and hunting, except when strolling with their young ones in the den during the day. Thus, these creatures become highly susceptible to aggressive predators who prey on them during this time. But do eagles eat foxes?

This is one of the top-asked questions due to foxes’ voracious nature of attacking other animals. Fortunately, this post will discuss whether eagles eat foxes alongside other creatures that eagles prey on. Keep reading!


Do Bald Eagles Eat Foxes?

Yes, bald eagles eat live and roadkill foxes. These creatures are clever and cunning and won’t pass any meal they come across. However, bald eagles are lazy creatures which makes them find roadkill an ideal meal.

Bald eagers are wise predators and won’t risk getting in a fight; they are not guaranteed to succeed. Since larger animals require great strength and energy to kill, they barely waste their energy on such animals.

Generally, bald eagles focus on surprising their live targets rather than fighting them, which requires more effort and energy. They will likely hunt foxes on open grounds with few hiding places. Since these are rare events, they will only target small and helpless foxes.

Can an Eagle Carry a Fox?

Yes, an eagle can carry a fox. However, this will depend on the type of fox and the eagle’s weight. Generally, the Philippine eagle, Harpy eagle, Bald eagle, and Crowned eagle are known to carry the heaviest prey.

An eagle is known to carry prey weighing a third of its body weight. However, Harpy eagles can fly with prey weighing about twenty pounds.

Philippine eagles can carry prey weighing up to thirty-one pounds. On the other hand, Crowned eagles can carry prey weighing up to sixty pounds, while Bald eagles can carry up to fifteen pounds.

South Nicobar is the smallest species of eagle and weighs about a pound. This eagle will not be able to carry a fox but can eat one if it is available. However, this eagle feeds on reptiles, birds, and rodents.


Do Eagles Eat Raccoons?

Yes, eagles feed on raccoons. Eagles hunt raccoons since they are among the hoofed mammals that make their meal. They use their incredible silence to attack raccoons from above.

After spotting a raccoon, eagles attack at an extreme angle and crimp with a strong, deadly grasp using their formidable talons. Since a raccoon weigh about half an eagle, an eagle will easily fly with them. Eagles use their large-sized serrated beak to tear this prey.

Eagles typically catch and kill raccoons using their claws, tear them up, eat them, or feed eaglets. Generally, when eagles have enough raccoon meat, they store them within an area close to their chin.

However, unlike other birds, eagles will not consume their prey before taking some to their eaglets. Typically, they use their paws to carry their prey to the nest, tear it into pieces, and feed it to eaglets afterward.

Do Eagles Eat Rodents?

Yes, most eagles prey on rodents such as mice, moles, and squirrels and find proper meals. They mostly enjoy feeding on rodents since they find them light weighted and easy to carry. Also, rodents are much easier to attack due to their defenseless nature.

Eagles typically hide in an open place to spot rodents to prey on. These creatures are well-known for their great eyesight, enabling them to spot rodents such as mice easily.

After spotting their prey rodents, eagles use their swift flying ability to catch and kill them using their sharp claws. Later, they hold them firm and carry them to their nests.

Eagles feed on rodents’ meat and bones. These birds have strong digestive enzymes that dissolve bones containing essential nutrients they require in their body.

Do Eagles Eat Snakes?

Yes, snakes are a staple meal for eagles living far from water bodies. The Philippine and Golden eagle are the two common eagle species that find snakes part of their main diet. These creatures also kill and eat poisonous snakes.

Eagles are about four feet long and have a wingspan of about seven feet. They generally hide in open habitats to easily spot their prey which lives in grasslands and wild and developed locations such as roadsides.

Snake-preying eagles are considered great predators within their location, and they greatly utilize their prominent wingspan to manipulate other species. They use their great sight and swift flying ability to catch and kill large and small-sized snakes. Eagles typically enjoy eating snakes, but they are wise to choose the right-sized snake that will not injure them.

Do Eagles Eat Ducks?

Yes, eagles hunt and feed on ducks. Most often, an eagle dive into a water body, grab a duck, and fly with it high above the ground after preying on it. Eagles use their incredible predator-like abilities to spot ducks from a distance and twist them up to kill them.

Eagles generally relax quietly on top of trees and use their strong vision to spot their prey. When attacking ducks, eagles first evaluate their surroundings before attacking them.

Later, they use their high-flying speed and preying powers to kill ducks. Eagles have sharp beaks, enabling them to cut the duck’s throat in the blink of an eye. Although eagles prefer killing live ducks to make them their meal, they also feed on dead duck carcasses.

Do Eagles Eat Owls?

Yes, although they are well-known predators, eagles born in a territory dispute attack and kill owls. As intelligent raptors, eagles prey on large-sized animals for food. Practically, eagles prey on owls’ eggs rather than preying on them.

Eagles and owls belong to a similar class of animals. Both are predators and prey on almost similar prey. Nonetheless, whenever there is a territorial issue between these two creatures, they will fight with each other using their sharp claws and beaks.

When an eagle kills an adult owl, it will carry it to its nest to feed its eaglets. Eagles eat young, helpless, and owls’ eggs whenever they get an opportunity.

Do Eagles Eat Hawks?

Yes, preying eagles attack hawk nests to prey on small, young hawks. They have no limits on preying on smaller hawks living within their area. Thus, it is common to find eagles preying on young and small hawks that aren’t strong enough to defend themselves.

Hawks and eagles are enemies. These birds are great predators who aim to proclaim their dominance. This explains why you can easily find mature hawks were their other animals.

Eagles and hawks mainly focus on preying on other animals. Thus, bald and golden eagles often challenge hawks for food. During their fights, eagles defeat adult hawks but are left with injuries that make them susceptible to other predators.

Predators of Fox

Various animals eat foxes, such as certain reptiles, mountain lions, lynxes, and wolves. Pythons and boas are the only reptiles that eat foxes. They achieve this using their large and strong body capability.

Nevertheless, here is an overview of fox predators:


Leopards switch to preying on foxes when it becomes challenging to catch other prey. Red foxes are typically enormous compared to foxes, making them an excellent meal. When a leopard views a fox, it targets, approaches it slowly, and stealthily uses its legs and head to jump on the prey before attacking it.

Mountain Lions

Mountain lions are commonly found in most parts of America. These creatures are aggressive predators and prey on various animals, including foxes. They are strong and can run at a fast speed, which makes them easily catch and kill foxes when they are looking for food.

Coyotes and Wolves

Wolves are among the aggressive active hunters who attack and eat foxes when they are starving. On the other hand, coyotes belonging to the same class as foxes are the worst enemies and kill foxes to decrease their population. They mainly kill them, intending to preserve food for themselves.


Bears are commonly found in cold regions of Northern America. These creatures prefer preying on foxes since they are small-sized and have a quick catch compared to large-sized prey. On some occasions, bears compete with other predators to prey on foxes.

What are Foxes Afraid of?

Foxes are mainly afraid of water guns, water hoses, loud noises, and thrown objects. Although these creatures aren’t dangerous to humans, they can cause be a real nuisance near your homestead. Thus, you can choose one of their threats to chase them away.

For instance, you can invest in buying an ultrasonic device to keep them away. Also, you can use visual deterrents such as LED lights to scare them. On the other hand, you can also use motion-activated sprinklers to prevent foxes from coming back to your property.

What Other Animals do Eagles Eat?

In addition to foxes, hawks, owls, ducks, snakes, and rodents, eagles are opportunistic eaters that feed on other birds and mammals. Most eagles will eat any animal they find, whether dead or alive.

The following are other animals that eagles eat:

  • Fish
  • Carrion
  • Sheep
  • Antelope
  • Rabbits
  • Smaller birds


All the sixty-eight various eagle species across the world are carnivorous and scavengers. Whenever an opportunity presents itself, they will not delay eating a fox, whether it is dead or they killed it themselves.

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