My Dog Ate a Button: What Should I Do?

Dogs do not have a clue about what they put in their mouth. They love to chew, and sometimes they mistakenly eat unusual objects that can end up harming their health. Similarly, one such common item that a dog can much on is a button. 

You have buttons all around the house on the clothes. Wearing a button-less dress helps a lot, but it is not feasible all the time. Hence, it’s better to have some idea of what to do if your dog swallowed a button


What Should I Do If My Dog Swallows a Button?

Dogs and chew toys are inseparable. Likewise, they consider even the smallest of objects as toys and try to play with them. Buttons are rather small compared to many other unusual items that your dog ate, but the danger with them is not limited. 

Here’s a list of tips you could follow when you see/know that your dog is eating a button:

1. Prevent Them From Swallowing

Buttons are small, and hence stopping them from swallowing is not easy. It quickly goes inside your dog’s mouth and in no time passes through the throat to your stomach. Thus, the only possible way of preventing your dog from eating buttons is to warn them when you see them ready to chew. 

Use statements with consistent practice and a stern voice to make them understand the seriousness. Also, if you find them eating buttons in the nick of time, try to remove them from the mouth. 

However, if you know it is in the throat, do not attempt to put your hand down there. You might damage their esophagus linings causing further damage. 

Moreover, try to know the number of buttons on your clothes or cabinets in case of accidental ingestion. This information will help you inform your vet in case of emergencies. 

2. Induce Vomit

As per the information from Animal Poison Control Center, pet owners can resort to the only safest method at home to induce vomiting in dogs. Hydrogen Peroxide is the best method in correct quantities to make your dog vomit after foreign object ingestion. 

Moreover, do not attempt to give any other home remedies that can cause other troubles. The apt amount of hydrogen peroxide for dogs is 1 teaspoon for every 10 pounds of dog’s weight. 

Also, inducing vomit is only in the event of object ingestion within the first two hours. If that time has elapsed, you should consult a vet immediately since it would have reached the stomach for digestion. Additionally, if your dog shows lethargic or unfavorable symptoms due to ingestion, do not force them to vomit. 

3. Give Suitable Food

The next best thing you can do to bring the button out is to give fiber-rich foods like bread, pumpkin, etc. It helps the body to pass the foreign object easily via feces. Also, if the dog is not lethargic or showing sluggishness, consider taking the dog out for a walk. 

A brisk walk for 20 minutes gets their bowel movements going better than expected. Moreover, give a lot of fluids to keep them hydrated. Dehydration causes further problems when they ingest unusual objects. 

4. Check Their Symptoms

Normally, when they eat any non-eatables, dogs begin showing symptoms that indicate that the object is creating trouble inside their body. Hence, once you know that your dog ate a button, have a close watch on their behavior and eating schedule

If you find any problems like inactivity, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, etc call your vet for help at once. Also, make sure to see if the symptoms persist before going to the emergency treatment.

5. Talk To Your Vet

If you don’t find any symptoms but are worried about their health after you came to know that your dog swallowed a button, it is best to call your vet for help. Follow their instructions correctly to understand the gravity of the problem. 

Moreover, ensure to give the medications prescribed without fail to keep your dog comfortable. 

Sometimes, your vet may also talk about treatment methods like sedation to remove the object from the throat or surgery to get it out of their digestive tract. All these are necessary only when the button is creating issues for your furry pal. 

How Long Does It Take For a Button to Pass Through a Dog?

Dogs can digest buttons and pass them without harming their bodily organs in any manner. The time required for them to poop may depend on their bowel movement cycle. You can follow some tactics to speed the process up but generally, you have to watch their feces over the next day or two. 

Make sure to give high fiber content foods to get them going faster. A lot of physical exercises also do the trick. If your dog doesn’t seem active, do not force them for walks or activities. 

It is a sign that your dog needs help and it is probably due to the button they swallowed. Hence, wait for them to poop naturally when all other things seem fine. Else, go for other remedies and also get your vet’s consultation before giving them to your dog. 

Symptoms To Look For After Your Dog Eats a Button

Buttons do not pose any problem when it comes right out through their bowel movements. However, issues start only when it gets stuck in their body and starts giving sicknesses. The first range of symptoms that you see is probably the best cues for their button ingestion. 

Let’s look at some of the basic symptoms related to button swallowing in dogs:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Stomach pain
  • Swelling of the abdomen
  • Choking

Choking/gagging is a troublesome situation. Sometimes, if the button is big, it can get stuck in the throat. It can further create breathing troubles. Moreover, it can also be the reason for the dog’s lack of appetite. You can also look if the button is still present in the esophagus. But, do not attempt to take it out yourself. 

In case of intestinal blockage, you will see that your dog starts vomiting immediately after eating or drinking anything. In these situations, keep them hydrated with enough fluids to aid when they are constantly vomiting. 

Hence, take immediate care of your pet pal when these symptoms begin to show. 

Dangers of Your Dog Eating a Button

The button is a soft and small item. Hence, the dangers are not that extensive. You can see no problems in the dog after they eat a button. 

It may either pass on without trace or if you induce vomiting, you may find it in the pile that comes out. Now, let’s look at some problems that can happen when your dog swallows a button:

  • Button gets lodged in the throat or esophagus and creates a choking scenario
  • Also, it can block the dog’s intestine when it stops in the intestine/stomach. Dogs can have a tough time digesting the button and not pass it through their bowels. 

The best mode of treatment for choking would be to remove it from the throat with the vet’s supervision. In case of intestinal blockage, vets might go for surgery. 

If both these situations are left untreated, they can become fatal quickly. Consult your vet at once when these problems ensue. 

How To Prevent Your Dog From Eating a Button Next Time?

While these mishaps tend to happen, you can try your level best by trying to prevent them from happening again. 

  • Try to wear clothes without buttons when your dog is around. 
  • Also, keep your closets shut after taking your clothes out. 
  • Do not leave the laundry on the floor. 
  • Moreover, try to hang your laundry away from the pet’s reach.
  • If you have extra buttons for sewing, keep them locked away in cabinets inside boxes. 
  • Give many soft toys for them to chew. Also, if you find them chewing strange items, make sure to have a set of stern commands to make them stop. 
  • Feed them well as they like to eat unusual stuff when they are hungry. If they are full, the chances of them munching on other objects are less. 
  • Inform kids to not play with buttons around the pet pals in the house. 

All these pointers help keep your pet out of harm’s way to an extent. However, always try monitoring what your dog puts inside their mouth. If not, you have to rely on symptoms to show if they have eaten any bad object. 

Conclusion: Can a Dog Eat a Button?

While buttons do not cause much harm, it is best for dogs to stay clear of even small objects like these. They usually pass through the digestive tract and come out through feces. Else, dogs also tend to vomit when administered Hydrogen Peroxide. 

Dogs can suffer from choking/gagging when the buttons get lodged in the throat. Otherwise, it can also be the reason for intestinal blockage. These two situations can be fatal for the dog when left untreated. 

Give them appropriate food, enough fluids to bring out the button through a bowel movement. Also, look for symptoms regarding the ingestion to help the dog promptly. Take your dog to the vet at once when you are doubtful about the issues a button can cause. 

Disclaimer: This blog should not be considered as being professional pet medical advice. The content published on this blog is for informational purposes only. Please always consult with a licensed and local veterinarian for medical advice.

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