15 Gorgeous Green Birds in Florida (See Pics)


If you have ever encountered a green bird in Florida, you may have noticed how difficult it is to identify its species. There are various types of green birds in Florida; some come entirely green-colored, while others are partially green-colored. This green color variation can make your identification process of green birds in Florida quite … Read more

13 Impressive Animals With Feathers (With Pics)


Have you ever wondered whether there are feathered animals rather than birds? If so, the answer is no! Birds are the only existing animals with feathers. These may include parrots, peacocks, toucans, mandarin ducks, flamingos, rainbow lorikeets, and others. Typically, feathers serve as protective gear to birds by guarding them against injuries and bad weather, … Read more

Are Otters Rodents? (No. Why Not?)


Otters are well known to love spending most of their time in the water while coming ashore to breed. Their faces resemble a rabbit’s, although their other body features look different. Their bodies are covered with dense fur as an environmental adaptation mechanism. However, are otters rodents? Although Otters resemble most rodents, it’s very challenging … Read more

Do Camels Eat Snakes? (And Poisonous Snakes)

Camels belong to the family Camelidae, the only available living member in the suborder Tylopoda, meaning ‘’Calloused foot’’. The members of this group that do not form the ‘’true camels’’ are the South American camelids: Alpaca, Llama, Vicuna, and Guanaco. The true camels, Bactrian, and Arabian species mainly reside in Africa, China, the Middle East, … Read more

Do Foxes Eat Hawks? (Answered)


With over 8.7 million types of animals living on earth, it is essential to learn the interdependence of these creatures. Some are omnivores feeding on plants and other animals; others are herbivores feeding on plants, while others are carnivores feeding on other animals. Foxes are classified as omnivores feeding on plants and other animals, but … Read more

Do Eagles Eat Foxes? (Yes. They Do)


Foxes are unique animals that prefer sleeping and hunting, except when strolling with their young ones in the den during the day. Thus, these creatures become highly susceptible to aggressive predators who prey on them during this time. But do eagles eat foxes? This is one of the top-asked questions due to foxes’ voracious nature … Read more

13 Stunning Animals With Pouches (With Pics)


Marsupials are incredible animals characterized by pouches and belong to the mammalian order. These animals typically give birth to undeveloped young ones in which the pouches help them complete a safety and warmth development. These animals’ evolutionary journeys and biology make them have unique and exciting features. For this reason, we will look at some … Read more

15 Incredible Animals With Long Necks (Pics Inside)


From the story of evolution, as explained by Charles Darwin, there are reasons why some animals possess certain body features. An example is a giraffe which has long neck than average. Globally, there are other animals with this similar adaptation. Among the theories that explain why some animals have long necks is that of survival. … Read more

15 Thrilling Animals With Black Eyes (With Pics)


Why do some animals have black eyes? Some scientists say it’s for adaptation, while most people see it as an attractive feature of the animals. Most of the animals with black eyes possess similar characteristics when it comes to eyesight. Some of them can notice any light movement in the dark, an adoptive feature for … Read more

Can a Gorilla Rip Your Arm Off? (Yes. It Can)


Gorillas are the largest primates found mainly in the large forest of the equatorial climate, especially in the Congo forest of Africa. They are too strong and protective, especially when you are a threat. Although they co-exist with people living around the forest, they are not friendly. Gorillas can be violent when you mess up … Read more