Top 12 Dangerous Animals in Texas: A Guide to Stay Safe


Texas is home to diverse wildlife, and while there are plenty of friendly critters you might encounter, there are also some you should be cautious of. In this article, we’ll be discussing the top 13 dangerous animals that you may come across in Texas. Knowing and understanding these animals will help you stay safe and … Read more

Do Eagles Eat Ducks? (Answered)


Eagles are powerful birds of prey. Their flight characteristics and body build resemble vultures, but they have strong feet with curved nails, and their heads are fully feathered. Eagles prey on most animals they can kill. But do eagles eat ducks? Although eagles fly high up on the ground, they have sharp eyesight that can … Read more

Do Hawks Eat Eagles? (No…)


Hawks is a term referring to the entire diurnal predatory birds. Hawks belong to the order Fulconiformes, which are approximately 200 species. Being predatory birds, they prey on other animals for their meat. But do hawks eat eagles? Hawks and eagles look almost identical; they have keen eyesight, curved beaks, and talons. Hawks are smaller … Read more

Do Groundhogs Eat Mice? (No. They Don’t)


Groundhogs belong to the family of squirrels and are among the largest members of the marmot species. Depending on the season, they have a famine or feasting lifestyle: they eat plenty of food during the summer and retreat to their burrows when winter draws. But do groundhogs eat mice? Groundhogs occupy most Northern American regions, … Read more

Do Foxes Eat Eagles? (Yes. They Do)


Foxes are medium-sized and smaller than fully-grown eagles. They are omnivorous mammals and belong to the family Canidae. Foxes are found in most regions, including Asia, North Africa, North America, Canada, and Alaska. They inhibit forests that are full of animals like eagles. But do foxes eat eagles? Foxes are tiny and considered to be … Read more

13 Amazing Animals With Scales (+Pics)


Many animals worldwide have scales on all or some parts of their bodies. Scales are usually made up of organic material such as keratin, dentin, or collagen (amongst others), a protein that makes up human fingernails and hair and that forms the hooves, claws, beaks, and talons in animals. Scales are plates of many different … Read more

13 Animals With Hooves (+Pics)


Mammals with hoofed toes are called “Ungulates.” Hooves are modified toenails that grow in layers around the toe. It is made of keratin and grows continuously. There are two types of ungulates, odd-toed hooves as horses & rhinoceros, and even-toed hooves, such as deer, pigs & cattle. Hooves protect the toes, bearing body weight and … Read more

13 Animals With Adaptations (+Pics)


Do you know how it is possible for so many different kinds of animals living worldwide to inhabit so many different types of places? The answer is “adaptation.” Adaptation is physical or behavioral characteristics that help an animal survive in its habitat, be it in any environment on the Earth.  Animals develop these adaptations over … Read more

13 Animals With Long Teeth (+Pics)


In the animal kingdom, mammal teeth are among the most varied. This is because each mouth of these heterodonts possesses a range of teeth suitable for different tasks from grinding to slicing to piercing and lifting, contrary to the spike and needle-like teeth that populate the mouths of aquatic animals.   Teeth outlast ephemeral skin, flesh … Read more