Will a Coyote Eat a Dead Coyote? (And Dead Animals?)

Coyotes are species of canine mainly found in North America. They resemble wolves, except they have narrower faces and large ears. They dominate most parts of Canada, Central and Northern America, and Mexico.

You’ll find them in deserts, grasslands, tropical and subtropical climates, and around cities and suburbs. Being a scavenger, a coyote usually likes meat as its primary diet. But will a coyote eat a dead coyote?

Canine group animals have unique features and characters in diet selection. Therefore it could be very hard to determine the type of diet a coyote will likely eat. Our team of experts has narrowed down things for you. Answers to the most disturbing questions about coyotes are answered in this article. Read to gain insight.

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Will Coyotes Eat a Dead Coyote?

Coyotes eat a dead coyote. Coyotes are generally scavengers and will eat anything that comes their way, dead or alive. However, you’ll not see a coyote hunting down another coyote for food. But when it comes near a coyote carcass, it’ll not spare it.

During winter, weather conditions could become more severe and unbearable to some coyotes. This makes it more challenging to make it out of season alive to most of the coyotes. Besides, most regions are inaccessible during the winter, and food also becomes scarce.

Therefore, hunger alone is capable of weakening a coyote. When dead, the other coyotes ceremoniously enjoy its carcass and increase the chances of survival for the others.

Do Coyotes Eat Dead Animals?

Yes, coyotes eat dead animals. Generally, coyotes are scavengers and will eat any carcass that comes their way, including their own and other animals. Animals die in the wilderness due to several factors like climate and hunger. However, some can be hunted down by other predators and left behind once they eat to their full. Coyotes will never spare such dead animals.

Like dogs and wolves, coyotes can smell dead meat from afar. They can trace and finally find locate the dead animal. If alone, it’ll eat to its full, take some of the meal to a safer position, and spare the rest for another time.

If the place is quiet enough and has shelter, a coyote will make that a home until the entire coyote carcass is done. If they are two or more, depending on the size of the dead animal, they can finish the carcass within a short time.

What Else Eats Dead Coyotes?

All scavengers eat dead coyotes. Animals that eat a dead coyote include vultures, wolves, and American alligators. Generally, most canine animals and scavengers will eat a dead coyote. A coyote in the wilderness can die due to several reasons. It could be due to hunger or an attack by other animals.

Although a coyote is a predator, it is hunted down for food by other animals. Being fierce on their prey, coyotes are also vulnerable when attacked by predators.

Will Coyote Eat Rotten Meat?

Coyotes eat rotten meat. Being scavengers, they’ll eat anything that comes their way. These include rotten and fresh meat as well. This behavior could be among the leading reasons why their numbers keep increasing and occupying most parts of America and Canada.

During winter, weak animals die, hunger also kills, and the bodies vanish in the thick snow for months. When the season is almost over, these bodies get exposed.

During this time, the dead bodies are rotten due to reduced coldness that would otherwise keep them fresh. Coyotes finally locate these carcasses and enjoy them for a meal.

What Scares a Coyote Off?

Coyotes are scared by loud noises, bright lights, objects thrown toward them, and predators. Generally, anything they are afraid of and unfamiliar with will scare away coyotes. If you want to scare coyotes away from your property, doing these things could be important.

Coyotes can make anywhere home, especially when they are accessible to food. They can live around homes and ranches as soon as they find shelter. As scavengers in the wolves family, they greatly threaten livestock. If alone, they attack small inferior animals like sheep.

However, they love living and hunting in groups. For this reason, they can bring down large livestock, including cows, causing a great loss. Therefore, if you’re a cattle keeper, try to scare away the coyotes as soon as you find them near your home.


How Much Do Coyotes Eat a Day?

A fully grown coyote eats about 1.5 pounds of food daily, which is approximately 550 pounds annually. Generally, the amount of food a coyote consumes depends entirely on size. A fully grown and healthy coyote will eat more than a young one, and also it’ll depend on the availability of food.

Food availability also varies in habitats. Some habitats have plenty of food, and consumption will be high.

Coyotes are partly omnivores. They are 90% meat eaters and 10% fruit and vegetable eaters. They love eating berries and wild fruits. If you’re a vegetable farmer, they can also invade in and eat your vegetables. Coyotes eat reptiles, amphibians, insects, rodents, birds, and large animals. The meal of a coyote will depend on the habitat it lives in.

Prey of Coyotes

Coyotes eat amphibians, birds, rodents, insects, reptiles, and anything they can kill for their meat. Coyotes hunt in groups, although in rare cases, you’ll find it alone. They are a great enemy of livestock and domestic birds. A single coyote can bring down a sheep, but when they are many, they can even attack large animals like cows.

If you have cattle ranches, ensure you frequently check on your cattle. Coyotes are best known to have hunting skills and would make a cow unnoticeable. Whenever they get their first cattle meal, they won’t go far. Instead, they’ll find the nearest shelters and hide there. They’ll come back another time for their second meal and even more.

Animals That Eat Coyotes

Animals that would likely hunt down coyotes for food include; mountain lions, wolves, American alligators, bald and golden eagles, and Canadian lynxes. Also, they fall prey to wild diseases and human hunting. Also, they look fierce on their prey; coyotes are so much afraid of their predators. And they will take refuge once they sport a predator.

Although they have many predators, the coyote population keeps on increasing. According to research, coyotes are found almost everywhere in North America except in the Polar Regions.

However, although we can hunt them down, they are so defensive and will do anything to hurt you so that they can escape. If you’re to scare them, ensure you maintain a safer distance, and you should be armed if possible. You can use tools like stones and tree branches.

Will a Coyote Eat Where It Kills?

Normally, a coyote does not eat where it kills. Coyote’s character resembles that of wolves and other members of its family. They love hunting in groups and will carry their prey away from human civilization and any other interference. Also, they carry their meal to safety to prevent other scavengers like vultures from getting the meal.

Also, a coyote, when full, will want to take the remaining somewhere safe, away from being located by others. To fulfill that, it carries the food to a safer location where it alone knows unless accidentally located by others.

This food will be helpful for another time, can be after hours or a day. Therefore it’ll make the place home until all the food is exhausted. After this time, it will continue with its adventure and hunting.

Will a Coyote Eat Iguanas?

A coyote will eat an Iguana if possible. However, Iguanas are not the favorite meal for coyotes, although they prefer preying on smaller animals like birds, rabbits, and mice. However, coyotes are scavengers and will eat any animal meat they’ll find.

Although Iguanas are small, they have scary features, and coyotes may spare them if it is their first-time encounter. It’ll probably make it its favorite meal after testing its meat.

How Fast Are Coyotes?

Coyotes can run as fast as 57 to 68 km/h. Their narrow faces and smaller size make them able to run that fast under pursuit. Coyotes will run steady and slow when looking for food. But will definitely increase its speed when attacking its prey.

During an attack by its predators, a coyote will run faster to escape the danger. This is a responsive mechanism. It can even increase its speed, whereas its predator cannot. But its fastness depends on its size. A fully grown coyote will run faster than its young one.

Final Verdict

Coyotes eat dead coyotes. Generally, coyotes are scavengers and will eat any meat that comes their way. Although they are known to eat carcasses, they are also the best hunters of their prey. Coyotes hunt down anything small and large they can eat. Animals eaten by coyotes include insects, amphibians, reptiles, and birds.

Besides being predators, some animals feed on coyotes. These animals include bald and golden eagles, American alligators, wolves, and mountain lions. Although they are fearless when attacking other animals, coyotes also look vulnerable before their predators.

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