15 Most Clumsy Animals in the World (+Pics)


The most clumsy animals in the world are not so because of their laziness only, contrary to popular beliefs. Most of these animals are clumsy because they’re not lucky with body shapes. There are also a few individuals whose clumsiness is partly due to their relatively low IQ. But regardless of the root of their … Read more

17 Types of Herbivorous Birds Across The World (+ Pics)


While most birds are considered omnivores, there are a few individuals whose diet is entirely plant-based.  These few herbivorous birds have plenty of options, with nectar, algae, seeds, nuts, pollen, plant fluids, and even wood at their disposal.  However, it’s important to point out that only a handful exclusively survives on plant-based foods. Some stray … Read more

13 Amazing Animals That Eat Coconuts (With Pics)


Animals that eat coconuts range from herbivores to omnivores, with humans leading the line.  But coconut fruits have a stony, hard covering that can only be cracked by humans who usually use tools. Right?  Wrong. Some animals are equally up to the task, thanks to their sharp claws and teeth for breaking open the fruit, … Read more

15 Most Agile Animals in the World (+ Pics)


Agile animals are one step ahead in their fight for survival in the brutal, cold life of the jungle. These animals not only run fast but can also decelerate and quickly and easily change directions.  The animals include predators and prey, with some swimming through the water, others running on land, and some flying through … Read more

17 Stunning Animals That Live in Water and on Land (Pics)


Animals that live in water and on land are called semi-aquatic animals. And these lucky creatures have adaptations that help them survive both habitats seamlessly. Some of these animals have gills that extract dissolved oxygen when in water. And on land, they resolve to breathe via lungs. Others (I’m looking at you, beavers) lack gills, … Read more

13 Surprising Animals With No Teeth (+Pics)


There are a lot of strange and amazing animals in the world, but some of them have features that set them apart from the rest. For example, did you know that there are some animals out there that don’t have any teeth? Check out this list of 13 creatures without any pearly whites! Read: 15 … Read more

15 Marvelous Animals With the Best Memory (With Pics)


Many animals have an amazing memory. Scientists have found that different species of animals remember things in different ways, but there are some animals that stand out above the rest when it comes to their ability to remember things. From elephants who never forget a face, to crows that can remember where they cached food … Read more

15 Incredible Animals With Long Arms (With Pics)


Our world is full of amazing creatures, some of which are a little more unique than others. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at 15 animals that have abnormally long arms. Whether they use them for defense, swinging through the trees or reaching for food, these animals have mastered the art of using … Read more

13 Animals With Beautiful Black Fur (+Pics)

One of the most captivating aspects of nature is its ability to produce creatures that are both beautiful and deadly. And while some animals may have muted colors or blend in with their surroundings, others stand out in stark contrast. Today, we’ll be looking at 13 animals that have stunning black fur coats. Whether they’re … Read more

13 Astonishing Animals With 3 Toes (See Pics)


There are many things in this world that remain a mystery to us. One of these mysteries is the animals that have three toes. How did they get this way? And what purpose does it have? Some people say that the three-toed animals are more closely related to dinosaurs than other animals, and that their … Read more