Do Kangaroos Drown People? (Answered)

From time to time, we spend our leisure time at water bodies such as seas and oceans to enjoy a relaxing swimming experience. While swimming and spending time at the water bodies is a fascinating encounter, the cases of creatures drowning people have raised the alarm. So, do kangaroos drown people?

This is one of the commonly asked questions that is left unanswered. Thankfully, this post will help you know if kangaroos drown people and how you can maneuver their attack. Dive in!


Can Kangaroos Drown Humans?

Yes, kangaroos are known for being dangerous animals. They are also known to be aggressive and unpredictable nature. Additionally, they have a strong defensive nature that makes them drown humans while defending themselves in water.

Nonetheless, it would help if you did not fear these animals because they are harmless to humans. They will only drown you in the water when they feel threatened or attacked by other predators. In fact, there are minimal cases of these creatures drowning people in the water.

Why Do Kangaroos Stand in Water?

Kangaroos stand in water to keep cool. This behavior is common among all species of kangaroo. Typically, they stand in water to avoid overheating. Additionally, it helps them to stay hydrated. However, they do not like standing in water for long periods.

Instead, they prefer to move around to get out of the water. Nonetheless, they still stand in the water for some time before moving away from the water body.

Do Kangaroos Wait in Water to Drown People?

No, kangaroos do not wait in water to drown people. However, they swim in the water to escape from predators and people. Typically, these creatures stay in the water as a defensive mechanism to maintain their safety from predators such as dogs.

Nonetheless, kangaroos will drown you in water as a defensive strategy when submerging their chest in water. Generally, they will attempt to drown you in water by maneuvering underground. 

Are Kangaroos Dangerous to Humans?

Yes, but although kangaroos are dangerous to humans, there are minimal cases of these creatures harming humans. The most common case of kangaroos attacking humans is when they are defending themselves against other predators, such as dogs.

In fact, kangaroos have been known to attack humans who try to harm them. For instance, they may bite your hand when you grab them. Additionally, they may kick you with their hind legs when you approach them.

Similarly, kangaroos may even jump on you and knock you down when you attempt to harm them. Nevertheless, these attacks are rare. Thus, you should not worry about kangaroos’ attacks as they have fewer chances of attacking you.

Are There Any Cases of Kangaroos Killing Humans?

Yes, there are a few cases of kangaroos killing humans. Most kangaroo death victims are in their attempt to save their dogs from these creatures. Also, others are victims of road accidents where these creatures are the main perpetrators. 

According to statistics, about 90% of Australia’s wildlife accidents are caused by wallabies and kangaroos. Most of these accidents happen between 5.00 pm and 10.00 pm during winter and after a prolonged drought season. However, few individuals have succumbed to these accidents.

There are also other cases of kangaroos killing humans when feeling threatened and expected food from people. However, these creatures are shy and will flee when you threaten them. There are fewer reported cases of kangaroos starting the attack.

What Happens If You Get into the Water with a Kangaroo?

Anytime you get into the water with a kangaroo, these creatures will feel threatened and attempt to escape looking for their safety. However, if you persist in following them, they will drown you. Also, kangaroos will drown other predators and threat to follow them.

Typically, kangaroos drown their attackers as their defensive technique. They mainly achieve this by finding the water and going to the center. Later, they lure their enemies into the water, drowning them to death. Therefore, you should avoid going in the water with a kangaroo to avoid the chances of these creatures drowning you.

Are Kangaroos Aggressive?

Yes, kangaroos are known for their aggressive nature when trying to get food from people. However, small and female kangaroos are less aggressive than their adult and male counterparts. Also, these creatures are aggressive when approached by predators and attackers.

Female kangaroos are smaller than their male counterparts. Generally, they tend to kick and scratch, posing a safety risk to children. On the other hand, males tend to be aggressive towards people when searching for food.


How to Survive a Kangaroo Attack?

You should never approach a kangaroo to prevent their intention of harming you. Nonetheless, a kangaroo may attempt to attack you sometime in the future. If this happens, you can easily maneuver this attack by using the following tips:

1. Avoid Looking at the Kangaroo’s Eyes

If you look directly into the eyes of a kangaroo, they will sense your intentions and attack you immediately. Thus, if you want to survive an attack by a kangaroo, you need to avoid looking directly into its eyes. Instead, it would help if you focused on the area between its ears to see what it is doing without noticing you.

2. Protect your Neck and Groin

Kangaroos like targeting the neck and groin. Typically, these creatures view these body parts as delicacies and will punch you instead of biting you. Thus, keeping your neck and groin at a far arm’s range of the resisting kangaroo would be best.

3. Never Use a Gun

Adult kangaroos are typically quicker than a bullet and will be easily provoked upon viewing a shiny metal. After you attempt to pull the trigger, a kangaroo will use its octagonal eyes to grab the heat mark of the bullet exiting the chamber, providing it with enough time to locate itself sideways to whisk the bullet away using its tail.

4. Avoid the Kangaroo’s Pouch

A kangaroo uses its pouch to trap the helpless and ignorant. This creature uses its pouch to feed its baby joeys using bats they catch in the wild. Thus, most kangaroos use these bats as a distraction during the fight and will force your eyes into their small fluttering wings as it strikes your groin or neck.

5. Avoid Getting Crushed

Kangaroos enjoy crushing, and you can avoid this by trying to stand out of the kangaroo’s foot and avoid provoking it. Also, it would help if you avoid looking for help from other objects that kangaroos love crushing, for example, a dog. Other things that kangaroo love crushing at include a dog kennel, fresh peaches, turkeys, trees, garbage cans, bushes of hay, and ceramics.

6. Try Soothing their Immense Rage

Since it is impossible to win a real fight against a kangaroo, even a sick and aged dog tries to avoid death by soothing the kangaroo’s intense cruelty.

Thus, zoologists have identified ways of soothing the kangaroo’s aggressive behavior. These include watching other animals, such as a dog being crushed and screaming as if you are being burnt by fire.

By attempting any of these events during a fight with a kangaroo, you will increase your chances of surviving before the kangaroo notices your relief and sneaks in to kill you. 

7. Act like a Kangaroo

It might be intimidating to watch losing your life in the hands of a kangaroo with undefinable strength. However, you should be aware that a kangaroo has a superintelligence that allows it to scheme strategies of every signal you trigger in their mind. Thus, it would help if you aimed to act like a kangaroo.

Fortunately, you can easily achieve this by using any of the following ways:

  • Think of anything within your surrounding as an object that a kangaroo can crush.
  • Identify your desire and rage and empty your terror, fear, horror, fright, and your desire to love.
  • Free yourself from the limits of stiff matter and enable your elements to grasp your form so that you can expand to a large and frightening size. When angry, kangaroos will increase even up to six times their normal height, absorbing excess air that you will struggle to breathe and suffer from death due to crushing.

8. Avoid Kangaroos at all Means

You should know where kangaroos live so you can avoid them in your lifetime. Generally, kangaroos depend on human misery and crushed dogs as their main food. Thus, these creatures travel for long distances to find a dog to crush at.

You can easily avoid kangaroos by all means by staying away from their parks and breeding sites. These creatures constantly mate and are easily annoyed during this activity.

How Can I Live with Kangaroos?

You can easily live safely with kangaroos by using the following helpful ways:

  • Avoid Feeding Kangaroos: Feeding kangaroos will attract them close to you and pose a risky situation. Also, you can expose them to health complications by giving them an artificial diet.
  • Discover the Local Mob: You can easily track and identify the behaviors of various kangaroos from different areas by watching them. Also, you can figure out the relationship between kangaroos by following their birth and growth behaviors.
  • Stay Away from Aggressive Kangaroos: Aggressive kangaroos will expose you to a great risk of attack. Therefore, you try your best to stay away from such kangaroos by avoiding turning your back on them.

Bottom Line

Kangaroos will drown you in water when you threaten them or provoke them with predators such as dogs. However, they will first attempt to run away for their safety until you move close to them as if you are provoking them. Therefore, you should avoid entering in water with a kangaroo to prevent these attacks.

Disclaimer: This blog should not be considered as being professional pet medical advice. The content published on this blog is for informational purposes only. Please always consult with a licensed and local veterinarian for medical advice.

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