My Dog Ate A Grape Popsicle – What Should I Do?


It’s at that moment of the year. Temperatures are soaring, the sky is flawlessly blue, and people are flocking to the shores. It’s summer! And to help you beat the heat of the day, you got yourself a popsicle and were even lucky enough to find grape, which happens to be your favorite flavor. And … Read more

My Dog Ate a Nutty Bar: What to Do?


Nutty bars are delicious snacks made of wafers sandwiched together in a peanut butter mixture and covered in bits of chocolate. Popular among children and even adults, Nutty Bars are the perfect snack—for humans, of course. But if you have a dog who eats anything and everything in sight, you might want to start keeping … Read more

My Dog Ate a Jolly Rancher: What to Do?


So you forgot and left your bowl of jolly ranchers on your coffee table only to come back and find your dog on it. Your pup seemed to be enjoying the tasty candies, and there was no sign at all that he would give up on the dish any soon. Well, much more like you, … Read more

My Dog Ate a Chipmunk: What to Do?


In a way, dogs are like toddlers. Both eat things they aren’t supposed to eat. Dogs do have the habit of eating whatever they see in front of them. Eating a foreign object and eating an animal will have a completely different reaction. Now, dogs can eat animals, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe for … Read more

My Dog Ate a Razor: What to Do? (Symtoms To Check)


Most of the time, dogs are generally oblivious to what they put in their mouths, which means they may consume some unusual items. So even while you’re learning what to feed your puppy and how frequently to fill the bowls, they may insist on eating strange, distasteful, or harmful things that perplex or nauseate you! … Read more

My Dog Ate Aquaphor: What Should I Do Now?


Dogs like to eat anything that smells good to them. It can be food items like fish, eggs, meat, or even inedible things like ointment, moisturizers, makeup products, you name it! It may seem adorable that your dog loves to nibble on whatever they can find. But sometimes, dogs can put themselves in danger by … Read more

My Dog Ate a Rotten Fish: What to Do?


A dog’s appetite knows no bounds as they eat things that you and I would never imagine eating. For instance, they chew on toys, pillows, paper, clothes, and just about anything that they can find! Although it makes them seem more adorable, dogs can eat things that can actually get dangerous for them. Sometimes, even … Read more

My Dog Ate a Bandaid: What to Do?


Often, dogs go around sniffing and putting non-edible stuff in their mouth. Due to this reason, dog owners have to be on the constant lookout for what goes into their dogs’ mouths. After all, several weird stories all over the internet talk about how dogs swallow many funny substances. Now, if you have bandaids at … Read more

My Dog Ate a Squirrel: What Should I Do?


Dogs are no doubt man’s best friend, and since the dawn of time, we have learned that these furry canine companions love chasing squirrels and like breeds. This could be traced to their instinctive nature for survival. Many years ago, before man ever thought to domesticate these animals, dogs werewolf-like carnivores prowled their territories looking … Read more

My Dog Ate a Magic Eraser: What Should I Do?


The fact that dogs love to eat a lot is no shocking news, and because of the love of eating, some dogs may be drawn to eat inedible objects around them. A common inedible thing that some dogs usually eat is the Mr. Clean magic eraser. This has nothing to do with your feeding habits … Read more