Will a Coyote Eat a Dead Coyote? (And Dead Animals?)


Coyotes are species of canine mainly found in North America. They resemble wolves, except they have narrower faces and large ears. They dominate most parts of Canada, Central and Northern America, and Mexico. You’ll find them in deserts, grasslands, tropical and subtropical climates, and around cities and suburbs. Being a scavenger, a coyote usually likes … Read more

Are Kangaroos Nocturnal or Diurnal? (Answered)


Kangaroos love to be in the sheds during the daytime. This could be after a long time of grazing or foraging the grasslands and woodlands. However, their day character is much different when compared with the night. If you drive on most Australian roads during the night, the chances of spotting a kangaroo are very … Read more

Are Kangaroos Lazy? (Can You Tame Kangaroos?)


Kangaroos have incredible character, unlike other wild animals. They have a unique character of hopping when moving and love spending their time together after grazing. There is no time on sunny days you’ll walk around Australian grasslands and dry woodland without spotting a resting kangaroo. For this reason, are kangaroos lazy? Whether you’re from Australia … Read more

Do Kangaroos Eat Meat? (And Eat Dogs?)


Kangaroos occupy most Australian woodlands, forests, plains, and savannas. You can also find them in the surrounding islands. Each species occupies a particular habitat and will have a diet that is mainly accessible. Kangaroos have two stomachs and chew their food twice before proceeding with digestion. But do kangaroos eat meat? There are many stories … Read more

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There are many things in this world that remain a mystery to us. One of these mysteries is the animals that have three toes. How did they get this way? And what purpose does it have? Some people say that the three-toed animals are more closely related to dinosaurs than other animals, and that their … Read more

15 Gorgeous Animals With White Fur (With Pictures)


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Can Hippos Climb Trees? (Answered)


When you think of hippos, you’re probably conjuring up images of how lazy and enormous creatures they are, with a fully grown weighing up to three tons. Hippos are in the herbivorous family and reside in most African rivers. During sunny days, they find shelter under the water but come out at night or when … Read more

Can Kangaroos Swim? (Yes. It Can)


Kangaroos are the most incredible animals hopping around the Australian grassland. They have exceptional features and are best known for the strength of their hind limbs. They are the largest marsupial ever existing on earth, with a fully grown weighing up to 90kg. However, many people have many questions concerning the kangaroos’ swimming ability. So, … Read more

Do Kangaroos Drown People? (Answered)


From time to time, we spend our leisure time at water bodies such as seas and oceans to enjoy a relaxing swimming experience. While swimming and spending time at the water bodies is a fascinating encounter, the cases of creatures drowning people have raised the alarm. So, do kangaroos drown people? This is one of … Read more